Peacocks have been a part of Indian culture since time immemorial and their presence is clearly seen in many Indian art forms. Mehndi also has been an inseparable part of our culture and has developed a lot over the years. And when we mix both these symbols together, it gives birth to some of the most exquisite mehandi designs, the peacock mehndi designs.

Peacock Mehndi Designs for Hands:

Here are the top 10 peacock mehndi designs you will love to get them designed over your hands.

mehndi designs for hands simple 1. This one of the beautiful medium sized peacock mehndi designs looks beautiful and is suitable for any occasion. This design will not look cluttered and makes your hands look very beautiful. We love the spiral and abstract designs on the fingers and the small dot patterns on the open area of the palm.

asha savla bridal mehndi designs

2. This elegant peacock inspired mehndi design will look great on the hands of the bride. This mehndi design has traits of both Arabic as well as Indian mehndi. The use of black mehndi as well as shading makes it look even more beautiful.

henna palm dsign

3. This beautiful design features red mehndi . The design features peacock motif in the middle of the palm. We love the small details on the palm and the fingers. The wrist is kept open and has been done in a bangle like design.

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peacock mehendi designs

4. This beautiful mehndi is bigger than the previous one. Done with black mehndi, the designs have come out beautifully and the peacock design stands out from the other patterns and motifs. The design is just perfect for brides.

rajeez mehndi designs

5. A pair of peacocks adorns the hands of the bride in this fabulous design. We see the use of black mehndi in this design and the bangle deign on the wrist and hand also makes it quite unique.

peacock designs

6. A peacock inspired tattoo design for all of those who love tattoo mehndis. Tattoo mehndi is a great way to add some colour without pain and as they are not permanent, you can remove them once you get bored of them. This mehndi tattoo is done with black mehndi and features the peacock design on the hand.

heena hand

7. Here is a beautiful peacock mehndi design for the bride. The design looks beautiful with a lot of details and unique designs on the fingers. The tips are kept open and the design is done with black mehndi to make the details stand out.

mehndi designs for hands simple and easy

8. This beautiful mehndi is a great way to do a peacock mehndi without any large and intricate designs. The wrist is decorated with a bangle like design.

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peacock mehndi designs for hands

9. We can see a pair of peacocks in this design. The design is small and present only on the palm. This makes it very easy to sport and perfect for those who hate big and elaborate designs. The black mehndi makes it even more prominent and beautiful.

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bridal mehndi designs

10. This unique design is for the new age bride who wants to sport a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary designs. We love the unique angled look of the mehndi on the hands. The peacock design lends a bit of uniqueness and the fingers are also done in a different way than what we usually see. All in all a perfect choice for the modern Indian bride.

Watch a Video from StylecrazeTV – Peacock Styled Stunning Indian Mehndi Design Tutorial

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