10 Best Pilate Videos On YouTube August 3, 2016

Do you often wonder if there is one single exercise that can give you overall fitness? Have you been in search of such a workout routine for many years now? If that is the case, then your search ends right here. Because this post is going to talk about the tremendously popular Pilates workout!

Pilates is similar to yoga in the sense that it aids in increasing strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, and balance. It also improves your posture. Pilates targets and strengthens the body’s core − the abdomen, obliques, lower back, inner and outer thighs, etc.

All said and done, you can benefit from a workout only when you do it!

So, here we have the ten best Pilates videos. Go ahead and check them out!

1. Pilates For Beginners At Home In 30 Minutes

If you are a beginner and want to try Pilates, you have come to the right place. StyleCraze’s in-house Pilates instructor, Svathi Patangay helps you through each step. You can do this at home for 30 minutes. The breathing technique, arm circles, hip rolls, shoulder exercises, cat warm-ups, one leg circle, crunches, obliques, kicks, and bridges will get you pumped up and keep you active for the rest of the day.

2. Lower Body And Butt Workout

To reduce the flab or tone your lower body and gluteal muscles, follow the instructions in this video.  It also includes leg pushups, kicks, frog legs, side-ups, and traditional pushups, giving you an all-rounded workout. While you do all this, do remember to keep your breathing technique right.

3. Pilate Workout For Flat Abs

Who doesn’t want flat abs? It is not easy to get those abs of your dreams so easily. But, guess what? The Pilates workout for flat abs works wonders. Svathi Patangay demonstrates the best way to do Pilates, starting with the correct breathing technique and ending with leg and knee lifts.

4. Pilates For Thighs And Legs

Get rid of the extra flab on your thighs and legs with the Pilates moves shown in the above video. You will need to do squats, roll up, fold up down, circle, reverse, and leg lifts and clamp. This will help to reduce fat and tone your muscles, and you will get shapely thighs and legs in no time.

5. Pop Pilates: Muffin Top Massacre

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

  • Time:17 minutes
  • Targets:Obliques, Lower abs

If you would like to tame that stubborn roll of fat above your waist, then you can thank us! This video incorporates easy movements like the elegant candle stick, truck drivers, and side squeezers to eliminate that roll of fat.

6. 5 Minutes Ab Express Pilates

  • Level:Beginner
  • Time:5 minutes
  • Targets:Obliques, lower back, and abs

If you do not have time to attend a Pilates class, then you so need this! This 5 minutes Ab Express video will make you really feel the burn. This workout uses variations of different kinds of sit-ups and side crunches to tone your abs and kill your muffin top.

7. Toned Arms Pilates

  • Level:Beginner
  • Time:13 minutes
  • Targets:Arms, back

We all have those problem areas that, no matter how hard we try, we just cannot lose the excess weight from that spot. Many women complain of flabby arms and are constantly on the lookout for effective exercises to tone their arms. This Pilates workout video uses moves such as Superman pulses, Wing pulses, and Single chest press pulses to help you burn fat and tone your arms.

8. Slim Waist Pilates

  • Level:Intermediate
  • Time:14 minutes
  • Targets:Waist, abs

14 minutes a day of the Slim Waist Pilates workout and you are on your way to fitting into a slinky dress! The Slim waist Pilates video uses moves such as the crunch extension, double crunch extension, roll up and roll over, and the hip twist and butt lift to whittle your waist.

9. The Ultimate Hot Body Pilates

  • Level:Hard
  • Time:17 minutes
  • Targets:Abs, thighs, butt, and arms

The best thing about this Pilates workout is that it is a total body workout − targeting every muscle of your body and lasting for just under 20 minutes! This Pilates exercise video uses moves like hip lifts and crunches, so that you can get those flat abs, slim inner thighs, perky butt, and toned arms.

10. Body Slimming Pilates


  • Level:Beginner
  • Time:17 minutes
  • Targets:Lower abs, upper abs, arms, thighs, butt

The Body Slimming Pilates video is perfect for those who want to start Pilates. This is an easy beginners’ video, and focuses on the basics like the right forms and techniques. This video incorporates all the basic philosophies of Pilates. It uses moves such as the roll-up, one arm crunch, hundred pulses, and the bridge to tone your lower and upper abs, and butt.

Pilates is one of the best workout routines to achieve overall fitness. Start doing them today and see yourself getting fitter every day! Do try these great Pilates videos and tell us which one works for you! Share in the comments section.

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