We have all been there. Excitedly removing the cover, gently pulling off the cap, slowly twisting the base and marveling at our new lipstick. We swipe it on, only to find that the color doesn’t seem to look the way it did at the store.

Lipstick shopping, although exhilarating, can prove to be quite the daunting task. With tons and tons of options available, and the constant bombardment of expert and not-even-close-to-being-an-expert advice, it is real easy to end up feeling lost and dazed.

MAC lipsticks seem to be the belle of the ball. Their collection of lipsticks is huge, and trying to pick one, or even two, can get overwhelming.

So here’s a list of 10 MAC lipsticks  that you might want to be on the lookout for:

1. MAC Patisserie


Here is a shade for regular wear. Patisserie is a lustre finish lipstick, perfect for people who like glossy finish. It is a lovely nude pink color, and glides like butter on the lips. Since the coverage is sheer, the color lasts for approximately three-four hours and suits almost any skin tone.

2. MAC Sunny Seoul

sunny seoul

Next on the list is this pink shade – a shade that is absolutely perfect for spring. It is a warm toned pink lipstick, with a peach undertone in a crème sheen finish. If your skin tone is on the deeper side, the shade might wash off a bit. So, you can opt for a lip pencil closer to your skin tone and apply lipstick over it. But for people with pale skin tone, the Sunny Seoul shade is just what they need.

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3. MAC Watch Me Simmer

watch me simmer

Corals are very much in. So is this bright coral shade that screams nothing but summer to me! The warm undertones of this shade make it ideal for evening wear. It can’t be your regular office wear. Top it with a shimmer lip gloss for a glam look and watch those eyes follow your lips.

4. MAC Cosmo


The MAC Cosmo lipstick is one of those must-haves on my list. This is a wonderful pink shade from MAC. It isn’t the regular pink; it is a muted pink that almost saves your day every time. The texture of this lipstick is amplified and that makes it pigmented. One swipe of it and you are good to go. For more intensity, apply 2-3 coats. The color lasts for approximately 3 hours. When it starts wearing off, it leaves behind a nice tint that you would absolutely love. You can also pair it up with a lip pencil of the same color.

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5. MAC Ruby Woo

ruby woo

Yes, we know you’ve been waiting for this one! This smoking, bright red shade from MAC called Ruby Woo is a classic retro matte finish in bright red color and is highly pigmented.  Swipe it across your lips and make a statement. This is one of the most loved MAC lipstick shades. You sure need some attitude to pull it off.

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6. MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga

viva glam lady gaga

The bright pale pink shade is from the Viva Glam Collection by MAC. It is super hot and super chic! It is sure to bring out the Barbie girl in you. The matte finish is super long lasting. People with deeper skin tones can pair this up with a darker lip pencil, and people with lighter skin tones can use a lip pencil that is the same color as the lipstick. You may consider this your summer color.

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7. MAC Speak Louder

MAC Half And Half Lipstick

This berry pink lipstick with red undertones is a favorite amongst brides. It has a creamy texture which makes your lips soft and supple. It gives you medium coverage and a long lasting power, making it perfect for the brides. This is all you need to complement your blush and smile.

8. MAC Half And Half Lipstick

MAC Speak Louder

Another must-have from the house of the cosmetic giant MAC, this neutral, pinkish brown shade is ideal for regular wear to office and hangouts with friends. Swipe it onto your lips while on your way to work and be assured that it will stay on for long, making you gorgeous in a subtle way. Along with a good color pay off,  it also moisturizes your lips.

9. MAC Party Parrot

party parrot

This bright lippie with warmer undertones from MAC is a super chirpy color. The neon-coral is so gorgeous that it oozes confidence. It truly calls out to all the party animals. The shade lasts  for approximately 3-4 hours as it is matte in texture. It might be a little drying, so wear a lip balm or a lip conditioner underneath.

10. MAC Angel


This soft pink is nice and subtle, but it might wash out deeper skin tones,so its best to pair it up with a darker lip pencil it is ideal for the people with  lighter skin tone . This MAC angel lipstick has a good staying power and gives a frosty finish. It can be used for regular wear or general outings.

A pretty shade of lipstick is a joy forever. Hopefully, our list helped you get a step closer to happiness. Suggestions and recommendations? Leave us a comment!

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  • Daksha

    Definitely agree…

    • Namita

      Thank you! :)

  • lippie

    omg, your english is so corny. we don’t say “lippie” ! and why is the middle of your top lip so crinkled? it looks like you have cellophane over your lips

    • Namita

      Lippie IS a short form of lipstick, if you weren’t aware. These lip swatches aren’t mine, they are of some of the best of the beauty bloggers. I would appreciate if you can respect them.

  • LKB

    That comment is a little rude! Plus in the UK – where English originated – we do say ‘lippie’

    • Namita

      Thank you LKB!

  • angel

    my current favs for MAC are… Vegas Volt and Daddys little girl from their latest archies collection

    • Namita

      Such good a collection :)

  • angel

    and definitely cosmo… when i dont know what lipstick to with…. i use cosmo… it goes with everything

    • Namita

      Oh yes, Cosmo is a fabulous lipstick :)

  • Kira

    I just loved the MAC Ruby Woo post. I think it goes best with any dress and any person of any complexion. A best Smoking hot red colored lipstick is an absolute office wear. I just loved it. Thank you :)

  • asyoulikeit

    Is there a dupe for Simmer or Parrot?