Lustrous lips are something that every girl longs for.

Rightly so. Our lipsticks are an essential, a must-have item in our vanity bag. Lipsticks add instant glamour to our look. But finding the right one might seem like a daunting task. So we decided to present you the top 10 MAC lipsticks.

MAC is the Queen bee of the cosmetic world. Everyone wants one. And the best part, there are ample lipstick shades for everyone. Some are nice and go with almost every look while some require some oomph for pulling off.

Here is a list of the best 10 MAC lipstick shades for Indian skin:

1. MAC Patisserie


Here is a humble shade for regular wear. My Lips But Better shade – is a lovely nude color and it glides like butter on the lips. The colour lasts for a good long four hours and it suits almost any skin tone.

2. MAC Sunny Seoul

sunny seoul

Next on the list is this pretty pink shade. Tis shade isn’t for everyone. It is a mild warm toned pink lipstick, with a peachy base. If you are on the darker side, the shade might wash off a bit. But for people with pale skin tone, this Sunny Seoul shade is just what they need.

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3. MAC Watch Me Simmer

watch me simmer

Corals are very much in. So is this bright coral shade that screams noting but summer to me! The warm undertones of this shade make it ideal for eveningwear. This can’t be your regular office wear. Top it with a shimmer lip gloss and watch those eyes following your lips.

4. MAC Cosmo


This MAC Cosmo lipstick is one of those must-haves on my list. This Cosmo shade from MAC is a wonderful peachy pink lipstick. It isn’t the regular pink, it is the muted pink that almost saves your day every time. The colour lasts for as long as 3 hours. When it starts wearing off, it leaves back a nice tint that you would love.

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5. MAC Ruby Woo

ruby woo

Yes, we know you’ve been waiting for this one. This smoking hot red shade from MAC called Ruby Woo is a classic, deep red with an intense pigmentation. Swipe it across your lips and make a statement. This MAC lipstick Ruby Woo is one of the most loved of all the MAC lipstick shades. You sure need some attitude to pull it off.

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6. MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga

viva glam lady gaga

The bright fuchsia shade from the House of MAC is super hot and super chic! It is sure to bring out the Barbie girls of the world already. The matte finish makes for a super lasting power of 3 hours. You may say this is your summer color.

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7. MAC Speak Louder

speak louder

This berry pink lipstick with red undertones is a favourite amongst all the brides. Good lasting power and intense pigmentation is what makes it perfect for all the brides. This sure is all you need to complement your blush and smile.

8. MAC Half and Half Lipstick

half and half lipstick

Another must-have from the house of cosmetic giant MAC, this neutral pinky brown shade, is ideal for regular wear to office and hangouts with friends or malls. Swipe it onto your lips while on your way to work. And be rest assured to find it there for long, making you gorgeous in a subtle way. Along with a good pigmentation, it also moisturizes your lips.

9. MAC Party Parrot

party parrot

This bright lippie with warmer undertones from MAC is a super chirpy color. The neon-coral is so gorgeous that it oozes confidence. It truly calls for all the party animals. The shade lasts for as long as 3-4 hours. It might be a little drying, so wear a lip balm underneath.

10. MAC Angel


This soft pink is nice and subtle but it might wash out darker skin tones. So it is ideal for the people on the fairer side or with pale skin. This MAC angel lipstick has a good staying power and gives a matte finish for regular use or for general outings.

So these were the top 10 MAC lipstick shades. We are sure you loved it girls and there was something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Get going and start shopping! Which MAC lipstick is your favourite? Leave your comments below and let us know.

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  • Daksha

    Definitely agree…

    • Namita

      Thank you! :)

  • lippie

    omg, your english is so corny. we don’t say “lippie” ! and why is the middle of your top lip so crinkled? it looks like you have cellophane over your lips

    • Namita

      Lippie IS a short form of lipstick, if you weren’t aware. These lip swatches aren’t mine, they are of some of the best of the beauty bloggers. I would appreciate if you can respect them.

  • LKB

    That comment is a little rude! Plus in the UK – where English originated – we do say ‘lippie’

    • Namita

      Thank you LKB!

  • angel

    my current favs for MAC are… Vegas Volt and Daddys little girl from their latest archies collection

    • Namita

      Such good a collection :)

  • angel

    and definitely cosmo… when i dont know what lipstick to with…. i use cosmo… it goes with everything

    • Namita

      Oh yes, Cosmo is a fabulous lipstick :)

  • Kira

    I just loved the MAC Ruby Woo post. I think it goes best with any dress and any person of any complexion. A best Smoking hot red colored lipstick is an absolute office wear. I just loved it. Thank you :)

  • asyoulikeit

    Is there a dupe for Simmer or Parrot?