Everyone wishes to wear a perfume that is cool and unique. Be it men or women, one will always choose a perfume that will suit their personality and reflect their mood as well! If you haven’t still found your type, then it’s time to try one of the TOM FORD perfumes.

You may ask why? Well, here is the answer. It is very distinctive, complex and comes with well constructed, fragrance. I’m sure this one will not disappoint you, because you will end up with a fresh and lively fragrance that is captivating. I’ve got the perfect list for you!

Check out these top 10 TOM FORD perfumes for women.

1. TOM FORD Black Orchid’ Eau de Parfum:

tom ford black orchid' eau de parfum

This black orchid Eau de Parfum embodies the true essence of the modern woman. The fragrance is oriental that is very curtsy, sexy and sensual. Oriental fragrances are base of sandalwood, chocolates, vanilla and incense so it’s not very hard to fall in love with the scent of this perfume. If you like black orchids and spices aroma then you’ll definitely love it to the core. The packaging is done in a classic black bottle which is extremely stylish and convenient. This is definitely among the best Tom Ford perfumes in the market.

2. White Patchouli by TOM FORD:

white patchouli by tom ford

This Eau de Toilette from TOM FORD comes in a chic white bottle, which is very stylish. It has a floral fragrance and it’s perfect for daytime as the fragrance is very pleasant. If you’re someone who loves floral fruity scents then white patchouli from TOM FORD collection is definitely for you. The scent is soft, fresh, crisp, and clean and you’ll love wearing it. The fragrance is very feminine despite the slight ocher and musk which makes it more appealing.

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3. TOM FORD for Men EDT:

tom ford for men edt

If you’re a fan of citrus fragrances, then this Eau de Toilette is for you from TOM FORD perfume collection. The aroma is crispy and citrusy, specially made for men. It comes in a classy glass bottle which is really stylish and it will look great on the dressing table. The fragrance is a mix of citrus, ginger, grapefruit, and deep greens which smell very refreshing. It’s great for gifting purpose too.

4. Violet Blonde by TOM FORD for Women:

violet blonde by tom ford for women

This woman Eau de Parfum comes in a classy and stylish packaging which is sturdy and travel friendly at the same time. This has a woody, musky fragrance which is in trend for a while now. Woody scent is a base of citrusy and chypre fragrances which is long lasting. You will fall in love with this perfume as the fragrance is sexy and sensual.

5. Noir by TOM FORD for Men:

noir by tom ford for men

If you like an oriental and spicy fragrance, then this Noir Eau de Parfum is definitely for you. The fragrance is sensual, warm and sexy. If you like such fragrances then go for it. This will give more intense and longer lasting fragrance. It’s amongst the best sellers of TOM FORD perfume collection because of the oriental fragrance which is known for tenderness, sensuality and depth.

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