7 Spring Bridal Hair Trends You Will Definitely Fall In Love With July 14, 2015

If we are talking about spring the first thing that comes to our mind is the beauty of the flowers, the chirping birds and colors everywhere. So when the spring wedding season strikes, from runways to celebs everyone prefers sporting a hairstyle with a flower stuck in it as a must–be it real or artificial flowers or jeweled flowers.

Here are some awesome hairstyles that you can sport for your own spring wedding or at a friend’s wedding .These are good for bridesmaid as well.

Latest spring bridal hair trends

Style 1:

The length of the hair must be kept in mind. If you have long hair, then you’ve got loads of options to play with. It can be a simple loose braid, or even a french braid adorned with colorful flowers like the picture on the top is definitely an appealing bridal hair style to consider.

Style 2:

Spring-Bridal-Hair-Trends2 Pinit

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And if your hair is shorter in length, you can loosely hang big wavy curls like sea-waves and use a a hair band with a huge eye catching flower or just the flower as Katty Perry has. This is a sweet, subtle and stunning spring hairstyle. 

Style 3:

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Now long hair doesnt always have to be kept long and flowing. You can use bumpits or bouffant hair-do ending in a huge bun. After that you can adorn it with real small tiny flowers all over or floral clipping.

Style 4:

Spring-Bridal-Hair-Trends4 Pinit

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You can also do a downward angle chignon which is in real fashion right now and use some real elongated flowers. This not just keeps the hair out of your face but also looks really stylish! Just look at the picture above. Isn’t that elegant and chic?

Style 5:

Spring-Bridal-Hair-Trends5 Pinit

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With mid-length Hair the best option if it suits your face type is flow y and messy curls with a High bun made out of inserted bump-it. After achieving this look, to give it the surreal touch of spring, add some real small flowers here and there. You can also add some strings of flowers surrounding the bun.

Style 6:

You can also tie the full hair up and leave some flow y tresses loose from top such that they fall on two sides. Tie and adorn the bun with medium sized floral hair pins.

Style 7:

Spring-Bridal-Hair-Trends7 Pinit

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Now coming to detailing of different spring wedding buns which are very common in the west. Well, there are several option to choose from if you are planning to use some big and tidy flowers. The bun it self can be worn in a lot of ways, in a single and tidy tight structure or different knots, or curls in a burn secured with bobby pins.  

Adding to it’s glamour, you can bring in the color of spring by adding different colored flowers like green, pink, red, bright orange,yellow or even white.

Spring is absolutely the best time to add colour and variety to your wardrobe and your look. Be it makeup, clothes or accessories, this season accepts it all! Don’t hesitate! Try out these different looks and have fun!