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10 Best Toners For Colored Hair

10 Best Toners For Colored Hair September 20, 2017

Has your hair dye transformed the color of your hair to something unsightly? Well, you are not alone. Many women and men end up with wrong hair color that can ruin their appearance and make them feel embarrassed and self-conscious. This is where hair toner for colored hair can come to your rescue.

On that note, here we have listed the top ten hair toners available in the market! Go ahead and check them out!

Benefits Of Hair Toners:

If you have been getting your hair colored for years, then your hair shows that story only too well. A toner camouflages or acts as a filler to even out the hair porosity. It additionally softens the re-growth color of your highlights. The best highlights, as we know, are those which appear to have a seamless transition all the way down from the root to the tip. When new hair grows, a toner can be applied to dye the new hair darker, to match your earlier color.

Last but not the least, toners also have the capacity to serve as a topcoat. Hair toners can help you achieve rich and lush colors by adding multi-dimensional tones to previously done highlights. Hair toner is a powerful means to even out the color of the entire length of hair while adding shine and richness. To finish off the look, hair toners help seal the color to lock it in for longer periods of time.

These are our top selection of hair toners in the market today.

1. Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Care:

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Care restores natural looking blonde tones to give hair a new lease of life. This toner is great if you want to brighten or revive naturally grey or white hair and for toning sun-bleached hair as well.

You Can Buy Here:

Price: $26.00

2. Wella Color Charm White Lady:

Wella Color Charm White Lady is a permanent liquid hair toner. The toner provides a vibrant color that is long-lasting with fade-resistant results. Wella Color Charm White Lady infuses the hair with vibrant color molecules, adding intense color and up to 43% more shine (even on darker hair). Wella Color Charm White Lady provides true to tone coloring.

Wella Color Charm comes in 8 exciting blonde shades:

Pale Blonde Lightest Ash Blonde Pale Ash Blonde Natural Blonde Pale Beige Blonde Lightest Beige Blonde Medium Beige Blonde Beige Blonde

You Can Buy Here:

Price: $7.20

3. Blond Brilliance Perfect Blond Ammonia Free Toner:

Blond Brilliance Perfect Blond Ammonia Free Toner is a gentle formula for colored hair. It also provides conditioning and is entirely ammonia free. The Blond Brilliance Perfect Blond Ammonia Free Toner can be applied as subtle or as vibrant as desired.

You Can Buy Here:

Price: $5.49

4. La Riche Directions White Toner Semi-Permanent:

La Riche Directions White Toner is a semi-permanent hair color that lasts approximately for 4-8 washes. It does not require the addition of peroxide. The toners can be mixed with each other, allowing you to create a unique shade of your very own with ease.

La Riche Directions White Toner is a long lasting, rich dye that works well on most hair types. It is available in 34 vibrant shades (for the sake of brevity we shall not be listing them here). La Riche Directions White Toner has a great conditioning effect on the hair too!

You Can Buy Here:

Price: $8.86

5. Brilliant Silver White Hair Toner:

Brilliant Silver White Hair Toner requires just a few drops of this formula in a sink of warm water. This toner is a great conditioning formula and will show amazing results for the whole world to see.

You Can Buy Here:

Price: $26

6. Scott Cornwall Color Restore Toner For Brunettes:

This hair toner is especially made to enrich and add depth to brunette hair. It doesn’t contain ammonia or peroxide. It is enriched with conditioning pigments that prevent the dye from fading. It is easy to use, just like shampoo.

You Can Buy Here:

Price: $13.73

7. Manic Panic Hair Toner:

This brand name has a range of toners that can help people make a transition from darker hair colors to lighter ones and vice versa. This brand makes dyes cum toners that can enrich your color and prevent it from fading. It is quite popular at the moment.

You Can Buy Here:

Price: $12.99

8. Second Nature No Lift Hair Color:

This product from Clairol can also be used as a toner. It is great for correct hair color that has gone awry after dyeing. It is great for gray blending, as well. It is available in 19 shades that can be mixed to get the right color, and the formula is ammonia-free.

You Can Buy Here:

Price: $6.99

9. Clairol Born Blonde Toner Hair Colorant:

If you have just bleached your blond hair, this is the toner to opt for. It can turn yellowing blond bleached hair into a lovely silver blond. All you have to do is leave it in for 30 minutes, and you are done. It will help even out your hair color, leaving your hair soft and glossy.

You Can Buy Here:

Price: $8.99

10. Colorist Secrets Brass Banisher:

If you have got the blond dye wrong, this is just the toner you need. This toner from L’Oreal reduces brassiness in 5 minutes and boasts of being ammonia-free. Your warm blond color can be balanced and transformed into a cooler color. This hair toner is ideal for toning down orange, red, brassy yellow and gold hair tones.

You Can Buy Here:


The right toner can make all the difference to your hair color. It offers vibrancy, mutes unsightly contrasts and seals in your color with a nice shiny coat. If you’re looking for hair color that looks and feels great on you too, then a toner is the way to go.

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