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Best Toners For Dry Skin – Our Top 10

Best Toners For Dry Skin – Our Top 10 September 19, 2017

CTM (Cleansing, Toning and moisturizing) is an important part of beauty care regime. It’s believed that toning is meant for people who have an oily complexion; however, it is important for dry skinned people too. Toners absorb excess oil in your skin and also help in removing leftover traces of dirt. Here we have a list of top 10 toners that will suit people who have a dry skin complexion.

1. Clarins Extra Comforting Toning Lotion:

It comes in a translucent bottle and has watery consistency. It contains all natural ingredients and is alcohol free. This wonderful toner will not make the skin dry or stretchy and is best suited for people with dry skin. It has moisturizing effects also.

2. VLCC skin Defense Rose Water Toner:

This toner comprises of natural ingredients which gives a calming and relaxing feel to your face. In addition to that, it also comes at an affordable price. This is the best natural toner for dry skin.

3. Biotique Cucumber Water Toner:

This toner comes in green translucent bottle and is filled with natural ingredients. An added advantage of this wonderful toner is that it works on large pores in your face without making your skin dry. It is alcohol free and also cleans your face completely which in turn prevent skin problems. This is another toner that can contest for the position of the best toner for dry skin.

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4. Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner:

This alcohol free toner is best suited for dry and sensitive skin because it is very gentle yet removes dirt easily. This amazing toner also aids in preventing blackheads, acne or other breakouts. This magical toner is a ‘must have’ product for people with dry skin.

5. Fabindia Lavender Skin Toner:

This toner hydrates your dry skin without making it stretchy. The lavender content in this toner soothes your skin and cleans your skin completely and leaves no dirt behind. It is alcohol free and pocket friendly too.

6. Lotus Herbal Rose tone:

This herbal toner has moisturizing properties which makes your face moisturized and not stretchy. It comes in a spray bottle which is convenient to use. The fragrance is similar to rose petals which relaxes your skin. With regular usage the large pores in the face reduces and results in a healthy skin. It’s also priced decently.

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7. Jovees Rose Skin Toner:

This toner comes in spray bottle and it works great as a toner for dry skin. It keeps your skin moisturized due to its moisturizing properties. It will not leave your face dry or stretchy. It contains natural ingredients and is very affordable too.

8. Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Cooling Toner:

This toner leaves your skin squeaky clean and also shrinks open pores. It also gives a cooling sensation and helps in reducing blackhead and other break outs. It comes in a travel friendly bottle too. The toner is allergy tested so even people with sensitive skin can use, but it is not alcohol free. Overall, it’s a nice toner which lives up to its claims.

9. Aroma Magic Aromatic Toner:

This toner keeps your skin moisturized and is ideal for dry skin. It cleans your skin completely without leaving any residue of dirt behind. This toner tones and firms your skin. It comes in an affordable price and one bottle lasts for 2-3 months, if used twice a day. It is a must try for dry skin.

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10. The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner:

This toner has light consistency and is absorbed by the skin very quickly. It hydrates dry skin and gives a cooling sensation. It also contains vitamin E which is an added benefit. The toner is alcohol free.

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