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3 Best Drugstore Toners For Oily Skin

3 Best Drugstore Toners For Oily Skin September 19, 2017

As soon you as you take your first step into the world beauty and skin care, the first that you hear about is the CTM routine. Every expert who knows anything about anything will tell you never to fail to cleanse, tone and moisture ever! Now why is that you are bound to ask? They will tell you that healthy skin is beautiful skin and this logic is so sound that you just cannot question it. It doesn’t matter what skin type you have, it is imperative to follow this routine on a daily basis.

Our skin is exposed to dirt, pollution, sun and God knows what other kind of infection causing agents do on a daily basis. And this adds to whatever skin woes we already have due to the lack of proper nutrition and our improper lifestyles. Before we get into the details of why toning and the different kind of toners, let us run through a brief of what cleansing toning and moisturizing is.

CTM Routine:


This step 1 to having healthier skin. You need to first find yourself the right kind of face wash and remove the most obvious layer of dirt pollution and makeup. The next step would be to use an additional product called a cleansing milk or oil to remove whatever makeup is left on your face.


This is your step 2. Once your done with cleansing, you are advised to use a toner on your skin. It leaves your skin fresh and supple.


This is the last and final step. Here you give your skin all the moisture it needs that it has lost during the day and the cleansing process.

Off all three steps, I am sure you are wondering why is the second step so very important when you can see almost no obvious benefit to it! Actually until recently, it was believed to be quite useless. But recent probing has proven that toners in fact close the pores that have been open during the cleansing the cleansing process ensuring that dirt and oil particles do not find the additional space to settle down in our skin. And hence, the importance of the toning step has been established.

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Kinds Of Toners For Oily Skin:

There are different kinds of toners that you can find in the market and for different reasons. Let’s split them up on basis of usage and purpose.

Toners on Basis of Usage:

  1. by using a cotton pad: this is most frequently used kind where in the we take the toner onto a cotton pad and dab it onto our skin.
  2. spray on: this is a sold in a spray container where you can simple spray it onto your face! It is the best kind when you are travelling.
  3. as a gauze facial mask: in this you dip the gauze in the toner and then keep the gauze your face like mask for a while.

Toners On Basis Of Purpose:

  1. Fresheners: These are the mildest form that have almost no alcohol and a quite a bit of humectant like rose water. It keeps the moisture on the top layers of the epidermis by preventing evaporation. These are very gentle and great for all skin types but the best for dry and sensitive skin.
  2. Tonics: These have slightly higher content of alcohol. But are still suitable for all skin types. Like orange flower water.
  3. Astringent: This has a high proportion of alcohol anywhere between 20-60% of alcohol. This is generally advised only for oily skin as it tends to soak out the moisture in your skin and if you have even normal skin, this kind of a toner will leave it dry and chalky.

Why toning?

There are 6 good reasons why you should be toning. They are mentioned below.
  1. It restores the pH balance of your skin. Our skin is by nature acidic and the alkaline nature of the soap and cleansers tends to disrupt the pH balance.
  2. It shrinks pores. Open pores are where all the dirt and germs gang up and eventually cause a breakout. So shrinking pores is always a good idea and that is what toners do.
  3. They contain humectants that seal the moisture to in your skin
  4. They can used in place of a face wash to remove oil and dirt when you don’t have the privilege to use water
  5. It adds a layer of protection by tightening the skin cell gaps. Thus, making penetration of bacteria and other germs hard.
  6. They contain alpha hydroxy acids that prevent in grown hair.

Cleansing and moisturizing are by themselves good for regular skin and it is okay if you choose not to use a toner daily, but skin toner for oily skin hold a very important spot. Toners not only shrink pores, they reduce the appearance of oil and kill bacteria that cause acne. It removes all the grime your cleanser or face wash may have missed before. Make sure you pick a skin toner meant for your skin and use it diligently!

Here is a list of toners, natural and off the shelf!

Drug Store Toner for skin:

Here’s a list of tried and tested toners by yours truly!

1. Aroma Magic Aromatic Skin Toner:

It works on most people and it has no alcohol, which is always good! It keeps skin refreshed and removes grime; get this at a wonderful price of Rs. 85 for 120 ml.

2. Patanjali Rose water:

It is a natural and herbal product. Use it to mix into face packs or direct use on skin proves to be helpful too. This comes at a fantastic price of Rs.25 for 120 ml.

3. Biotique Cucumber water:

This is a popular herbal brand and helps in keeping the skin oil free. It may have a stinging effect on dry skin, so test before you start using it on daily basis. It is available at a price of Rs. 149 for 120 ml.

This is my small guide to seek the best toner for oily skin. You could also try some homemade toner for oily skin that would help you keep the oils at bay.

If I have missed anything, share your toners list!

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