Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes For Women – Our Top 10 October 7, 2016

Founded in 1977, Victoria’s Secret is an American Fashion house which is well known around the world for its accessories, lingerie and cosmetic products. Victoria’s secret till date has launched more than 160 perfumes too.

Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes for Women

Here are my favourite top 10 Victoria’s Secret perfumes for women.

1. Back To Pink:

Buy Back To Pink For ₹ 10,533.60

Back to pink by Victoria’s Secret was launched in the year 2008. It is a very feminine perfume which has the opening notes of plum, and citrus followed by the heart of wild freesia, water lily and green hyacinth.

2. Amber Romance:

Buy Amber Romance For ₹ 568.00

Amber romance from the house of Victoria’s Secret is a very warm and alluring fragrance which has sweetness as its main accord. This fragrance is a blend of sandalwood, vanilla, black cherry and crème anglaise.

3. Berry Kiss:

Buy Berry Kiss

This sweet and fresh perfume from the house of Victoria’s Secret belongs to the Secret garden collection of this fashion house. It has base notes of rose, praline and wild raspberry.

4. Be Seduced:

Buy Pure Seduction bloom For ₹ 699.00

Be Seduced as its name suggests, is a very exotic and seductive perfume which has a blend of musk and raspberry cream. This unique and attractive fragrance was launched in the year 2011.

5. Be My Wish:

Buy Be My Wish For ₹ 10,249.80

Launched in 2011, Be My Wish from the house of Victoria’s secret is a luxurious and seductive fragrance. It has floral and fruity accords.

6. Bombshell In Love:

Buy Bombshell In Love For ₹ 3593.65

Bombshell In Love was launched specially for 2012’s Valentine’s Day. This fun and vibrant fragrance belongs to the fruity-floral fragrance family. It has the heart of watery jasmine, peony flowers, creamy cedar and purple freesia.

7. Chiffon Peony Freesia:

Buy Chiffon Peony Freesia For ₹ 9,303.80

Chiffon Peony Freesia from the house of Victoria’s secret defines the romance of the eternal beauty at its best. This fragrance is seductive, lingering, feminine and romantic. This unique and beautiful perfume is composed of Italian bergamot, dreamy vanillas and luminous white freesia.

8. Victoria’s Secret’s Breathless:

Buy  Victoria’s Secret’s Breathless’s-secret’s-breathless

Breathless is a fun yet exotic perfume from this American fashion house. This beautiful perfume belongs to floral fragrance family. It has heart notes of neroli, sandalwood, mandarin orange and pomegranate blossom. The perfumer of this unique scent is Annie Buzantian.

9. Delicate Petals:

Delicate Petals is a soft and luxurious perfume which has a blend of rose, velvet, musk and tangerine. This beautiful perfume belongs to the Secret Garden Collection by Victoria’s Secret. Delicate Petals have Rose as its main accord followed by sweet and fruity base notes.

10. Lace Orange Flower:

Launched in the year 2009, Lace Orange Flower features grapefruit, African orange flowers, water notes and Chinese osmanthus. This trendsetting perfume has a punch of vibrant orange essence although the bottle is very classy and elegant with a black seductive ribbon tied at the neck.

So which is your favourite Victoria’s Secret perfume?

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  • hariniraj

    is this perfume are available in indian market and online shop ?.. Btw Nice article :)

  • KalpanaMalhotra

    love Delicate Petals its smells really good!! my friend already using this perfume :)

  • Meena

    very nice article!! like all perfumes from Victoria’s Secret :)

  • Meena

    Im bak on this article.. couldnt keep my self of reviewing it again… :) i forgot to mention about the amazing mists they offer.. :)

  • Devika

    Ultra Modern and Chic brand for women!!! The fragrances they offer are woww!!! mostly inclined towards fruity fragrances, this brand offers best mists.. :) i own a couple of mists.. and im crazy about them.. :) NIce post..

  • Chahna

    i love this brand.. it offers amazing mists.. i have a gift box of four pink mists.. and they smell yummy.. :) i even have a strawberry flavored mist.. :)

  • Saara

    Bombshell and its editions.. are too good.. :) I own two of them.. its too good.. Victorias secret it is.. :D

  • Anamika M

    Thank You everyone for lovely comments!! :)

  • Sandra Gogel

    My favorite fragrance is VS Dream Angels Heavenly. Very Beautiful Scent.