The Best & Worst Sleeping Positions (Infographic) March 16, 2017

Sleep is very important to all of us. In the past few years, sleep disorder has emerged as a global health concern. It has been reported in the latest study that over 150 million people worldwide are suffering from various kinds of sleep disorders. The Sleeping position of a person is one of the most important causes contributing to a sound sleep. Sleep disorders are contributing to a greater number of people who are at risk of chronic  mental disorders and large health problems which can cause challenges in a person’s daily life and relationship.

The sleeping position is the posture that the body has during or prior to sleeping. The sleeping position has a definite impact on the health and well being  of the person. Research has shown that there is a correlation between the sleeping position and the personality of an individual. It has been noticed that sleeping position also affects the relationships of a person.

Best Sleeping Positions:

The three main sleeping positions that have been identified by sleep specialists are: Sleeping on the side, sleeping on the back, and sleeping on the stomach. The info graphics below show these three sleeping positions assumed by a person.

Each sleeping position has its own set of pros and cons.

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Sleeping On The Back

It has been observed that sleeping on the back prevents backaches and neck pain. It minimizes acid reflux. This position also minimizes wrinkles and helps maintain perky breasts in women. On the flip side, sleeping on the back worsens snoring. It has also been observed that sleeping on ones back might also result in sleep apnea, which can cause a regular discomfort during normal sleep hours. Those people who prefer to sleep on their back can make some minor changes to this sleeping position which would allow them a sound sleep. One can place a soft pillow or a rolled up towel under the knee to support the natural curve of the body.

Sleeping On The Side

Sleep specialists mostly ask their patients to sleep on the side. Sleeping on the side is considered extremely good for the overall health and well being of a person. It allows the body to rest in a comfortable position and allows the sleeper to experience uninterrupted sleep. Sleeping on the side prevents neck pain and back aches, minimizes acid reflux, reduces snoring and improves circulation during pregnancy.  This best position to sleep also helps in alleviating insomnia  and chronic deprivation of sleep. On the flip side, it worsens wrinkles and causes sagging of the breasts.

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Sleeping On Your Stomach

Sleep specialists do not recommend this sleeping on the stomach position as it increases restlessness and causes great discomfort to the body. The person usually keeps on tossing and turning to sleep soundly.

Sleeping on your stomach reduces snoring and excessive sleep during pregnancy. This good sleeping posture is likely to cause neck and back pain. It is also known to worsen wrinkles and cause the breasts to sag more. One can sleep on the stomach using  an extremely soft pillow so that the head rests comfortably.

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