Increased stress levels, lack of sleep, an undisciplined lifestyle, uninhibited indulgence in fast food – all these factors have triggered the growth of diabetes in a really scary way.  And allopathy shows no hope for a cure. No wonder people are looking forward to control diabetes with yoga. There are a certain set of yoga mudras for diabetes control.

Mudra For Diabetes

diabetes patients

Here is a short guide to various mudras for diabetes in yoga that will help

Before you start practicing these mudras, there are certain things which you need to keep in mind.

  • Consult with your physician in case you are suffering from any other ailment, including cardiovascular diseases or breathing troubles.
  • Please avoid practicing the mudras after a heavy meal. However, make sure that your body has sufficient glucose levels while you practice.
  • It is advisable to practice the mudras early in the morning, preferably before 8 am, for optimum results.  However, you can practice these in the evening as well.
  • If you are new to yoga, then make sure that you practice the mudras under the supervision of a qualified guru.
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Read on to get started right away!

The 5 yoga mudras for diabetes that every diabetic should know are:

1. Surya Mudra [Sun Mudra]:

surya mudra benefits

‘Surya’ is a Sanskrit word that means ‘Sun’. This mudra is known to increase the fire within the human body that in turn ensures a better metabolic rate. Diabetics, in general, have poor metabolic rates which results in increased sugar levels and weight gain. Regular practice of this mudra will help boost metabolic rates, thus ensuring loss of weight and lowering of sugar levels. The mudra also helps easing indigestion and associated problems.


1. Sit or stand straight.

2. Stretch your hands to your front.

3. Bend your ring finger of both hands so that it touches the mound of respective thumbs.

4. Keep the other fingers spread out, apart from each other.

Practice for 45 minutes daily at a stretch or three times of 15 minutes each, depending on your comfort level.

2. Pran Mudra:

pran mudra benefits Known as the Mudra of Life, it helps in improving the vital force of life and activates your Mooladhara Chakra or root chakra. Thus, it empowers you wholly within. The mudra, when practiced without fail, helps in detoxifying your body. Practicing this mudra alongside Apan Mudra has been proven to offer relief to those suffering from diabetes.


1. Sit down in a relaxing position, preferably, Padmasana [Lotus pose], with your eyes closed. Those who are uncomfortable in this position can opt for performing the mudra in Tadasana [Mountain Pose].

2. Concentrate on your breathing.

3. Keep your hands on your sides.

4. Bend your little finger and ring finger to touch the thumb.

5. Keep the index finger and middle finger straight.

Make sure that you perform this mudra with both the hands.

Practice for 45 minutes daily at a stretch or three times of 15 minutes each, depending on your comfort level. This can be practiced, if possible, for a longer period for better results.

3. Apan Mudra [Mudra of Digestion]:

apan mudra benefits The mudra, also called the mudra of purification, is one of the easiest yoga mudras. It aids in striking a better balance between the elements within the human body. Thus, it ensures that the unwanted toxins are flushed out properly from your body. This mudra results in frequent urination for eliminating the wastes, thus lowering the blood sugar levels.


1. Sit in Padmasana or Vajrasana. Those who have knee problems can opt for standing in Tadasana.

2. Keep your hands stretched to your front.

3. Bend your thumb, middle finger, and ring finger in such a way that their tips come together.

4. Keep the little finger and index finger straight.

Make sure that you perform this mudra with both the hands. Combine this mudra with Vayu mudra and practice regularly for preventing and curing diabetes.

Practice for 45 minutes daily at a stretch or three times of 15 minutes each, depending on your comfort level. This can be practiced, if possible, for a longer period for better results.

4. Gyan Mudra [Mudra of Knowledge]:

gyan mudra benefits Also known as Chin Mudra, it can be practiced by the diabetics to enjoy deep relaxation. It helps in relaxing the body and eliminating stress and other mind-related issues.


The mudra, in general, is practiced alongside meditation poses.

1. Choose a sitting position, such as Padmasana, Vajrasana or Sukhasana, depending on your ease of doing so. You can even choose Tadasana, if you can concentrate without any trouble. Those who find it difficult to follow any of the yoga asanas can opt for sitting relaxingly on a chair. Keep your eyes closed.

2. Keep your back straight; head and chest should be held high. Concentrate on your breathing.

3. Keep your palms on your knees. Palms should face upwards.

4.  Bend the index finger to touch the thumb’s tip, while the rest of the fingers are kept straight.

5. Performing this Mudra while chanting will yield more effective outcomes.

5. Linga Mudra:

linga mudra yoga Lingam, in Sanskrit, means phallus – the male reproductive organ. This mudra is helpful for those who are suffering from diabetes, but, indirectly. It helps in activating the fire element within the human body, thus generating intense heat. This, in turn, causes an increase in metabolic levels. The higher the metabolic levels, the more the chances of a person losing weight. This, automatically, lowers blood sugar levels, offering relief from diabetes.


1. Sit down in Padmasana, Vajrasana or Sukhasana or choose to stand in Tadasana.

2. Clasp your hands stretched in front of the body while keeping the fingers intertwined.

3. The thumb of your left hand should point upward. Circle it with the right thumb and right index finger.

4. Inhale and exhale normally and maintain the position for 15 minutes.

Nevertheless, yoga mudras for diabetes alone, do not offer the desired results. Practicing mudras along with yoga asanas for diabetes and a strict diet will ensure complete freedom from this medical condition.

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