Biotin For Hair Growth June 23, 2016

Whenever you face a hair problem and rush to a trichologist, he will definitely check your hair follicles and examine you for a fit dosage of biotin in the first place before suggesting any other medicinal or chemical remedies. Biotin helps exceptionally in hair growth. It stimulates the follicles and helps in faster hair growth while minimizing hair loss.

We should firstly know what biotin is. Biotin is a vitamin, also known as Vit B7 or Vit H. It is actually Vit B complex which can be dissolved into plain water.

How Biotin Helps For Hair Growth?

Here are some important hair growth tips and facts that you should know about biotin and how it helps in your hair growth:

A. People experiencing Hair loss should consult a proper physician and get themselves checked for biotin deficiency. If they are found to be biotin deficient, then they should immediately start taking a proper dosage of biotin supplements. 2,500 mcg, 5,000 mcg or 10,000 mcg are normal dosages of biotins that can be taken daily. Your hair doctor will suggest you which dosage suits you the best or you can check for yourself according to the reduction in the amount of hair fall rate or improvement in hair growth rate that you experience when you started taking biotin supplements. For example if you see that 5,000mcg is not working very well, then you can shift to 10,000 mcg per day. A single capsule should be broken and taken as half and half after breakfast and after lunch.

B. Biotin supplements are naturally produced from bacteria and yeast. Also we should know the fact that our body naturally synthesizes biotin from the food that we take in. It is only when we are not taking in a proper diet that our body fails to produce enough biotin that is required for healthy hair growth.

C. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. When biotin goes into our system, it helps in mixing with cell enzymes and produces amino acids which helps in cell building. Biotin therefore helps in cell proliferation which is the actual reason why it helps in hair growth and new hair regeneration.

D. Biotin for hair growth has no side effects. In fact it can help you in strengthening your nails too. So it’s 100% good and 0% bad unless your body is sensitive to biotin intake which in rarely the case.

E. Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Therefore taking in biotin actually helps in adding to this protein.

F. More biotin will not however help you gain more hair. It is not directly proportional. However if your  hair growth rate is slow or you are experiencing hair fall, it means that you are perhaps, biotin deficient and your body will only take in the required amount of biotin that your system requires. So avoid this misconception that the more you take, the faster the hair growth.

G. Natural sources of biotin include fish, pork, cauliflower, egg yolks, cheddar cheese, raspberries, soy beans and wheat bread.

So if you are experiencing hair fall or baldness or thinning of hair, don’t waste a second and get a consultation done and start taking biotin supplements. Along with supplements, try including foods which contain biotin in your regular diet. Hope this article added to your knowledge about biotin hair growth and its importance. Do comment below if you have any questions.


  • Doreen Patterson

    You say that there are no side effects with Biotin. However Acne has been reported in the black natural hair world, which did disappear with the stopping of taking biotin or drinking lots more water.

  • Praveen

    i thought that consuming more BIOTIN will increase more hair growth..but this concept is wrong,.. as i understand by this good post