Top 10 Body Care Products You Should Always Carry With You June 27, 2016

We call it skin care but then what most of us mean is care for our face, don’t we? Well of course good care is required for us to look our best and our face is the first impression. But our skin over the rest of our body faces the same amount of wear and tear. Which makes it essential for it to receive the same amount of care.

But the ever demanding routines in today’s world makes it hard. The simplest solution to this is using the right body care products. The result is that you have beautiful skin after putting in the least amount of effort as possible.

10 Best Body Care Products:

So here are our Top 10 picks for Body Care Products:

1. Intake of water:

In our busy lives we really don’t get time to think about maintaining our skin. We totally neglect the necessary hydration that our skin. As the extensive part of our skin is exposed to pollution, it tends to dry out easily. So, to avoid this you need to take lots of water daily which will help you to attain a healthy and glowing skin.

2. Natural or organic soaps:

Soaps are really necessary to keep the skin fresh and free of dirt and oil. While choosing a soap we mostly rely on the brands. Usually soap strips the skin of its natural oils and makes it dry and tight owing to its chemical content. So using natural or organic soaps that have lower or no chemical content instead helps to keep the skin healthy. You need to take special care always to ensure that you buy soaps which are hydrating and do not contain harmful parabens.

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3. Body butters:

Body butters are the recent rage in India and many brands are trying to cater to the growing demand for them. Body butters are rich, luxurious creams enriched with shea butter. It helps in softening, moisturizing, rejuvenating the skin and also locks moisture for longer time. The most favorite brands for body butters are ‘Bath and Body Works’ and ‘The Body Shop’. These come in all the flavors and fragrances available so pick up one of these soon. This is the most needed body care product in today’s times.

4. Sunscreen Lotions:

Are you hiding out at home hoping that this will save you from the effects of UVA and UVB rays? Why not pick up a good sunscreen instead. Your face is the first place to lather this on but your hands, feet and any other part of the body that is going to be exposed needs the protection too! Make sure that you use the required quantity and apply it properly.

5. Essential oils:

Essential oils are a great way to keep skin young and relaxed and soothe away the day to day tensions. Essential oil such as lavender oil, clove oil and eucalyptus oil help in relieving stress, nourish the skin and make it look radiant. It can be used to make many skin friendly packs and homemade mixes too.

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6. Anti- stretch mark products:

A woman’s body goes through changes with time and the changes often leave ugly stretch marks on the skin. Anti-stretch mark products help the skin maintain its elasticity and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Products such as lotions, creams and butters help you regain the confidence to wear anything.

7. Body scrubs:

We strongly follow the scrubbing ritual for our face but do we do that for our bodies that often? With time our body skin also accumulates dead cells. These cells must be removed for the new cells to breath. This requires a good scrub and scrubbing the skin every week is a must to get a glowing skin.

8. Hand creams:

Hands and feet go through a lot of activity on a daily basis and naturally tend to become dull and dry with exposure to the air. A good hand cream helps to tackle this dry and dullness problem. Hand cream is formulated to keep the hands moisturized without making them greasy or sticky. These come in various different fragrances and hence will be loved by everyone. Also, foot creams and lotions help to keep feet skin from flaking.

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9. Bath salts:

Many people prefer a hot water bath after a tiring long day. In fact, it’s the best way to relieve stress. So for those who prefer to get a more relaxing bathing experience, a bath salt may be a great idea. These help to relieve stress and also have a soothing effect on the skin. These are also available in various fragrances to suit the needs.

10. Body firming products:

This body firming products actually help restore what the skin has lost over time by replenishing the level of skin’s own Co-Enzyme Q10 complex to help the skin stay firm, more radiant and younger-looking. Another definite necessity when speaking of body care products for women.

So these were the top 10 body care beauty products. Do drop in your suggestions too. What do you feel is the most important element here?

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