Top 14 Bollywood Workout Tracks For Your Playlist January 31, 2017

A famous celebrity once quoted, “I spend about 75% of my time at the gym finding the right song for my workout.” That is the conundrum we face while working out. Studies indicate that music is a motivator for workouts. In fact, fast-paced and high tempo beats encourage movement. How many times did you get up and do a little jiggy just because the song had infectious beats?

Music diverts your mind away from pain and tiredness. It energizes you and even increases the flow of endorphins to your brain. It is said to make you feel happy while working out. Studies indicate that music also increases the metabolic rate. People who listen to music may carry out extended workouts without realizing it but enjoying themselves nonetheless.

In fact, Sonakshi Sinha has attributed her svelte frame to long and hard workouts while listening to Yo Yo Honey Singh’s songs. She quoted on Twitter, “Woke up at 6 am. Didn’t know what to do. Put on some @asliyoyo music on full blast and BAM – 2 hour workout done!”

Top 14 Bollywood Workout Songs In Your Playlist: 

So let’s dust off our gym shoes (Dancing shoes) and get ready to add these songs to our workout playlist!

1. Baby Doll – Ragini MMS 2:

The Numero Uno spot goes undoubtedly to this chart buster. Peppy sing-along lyrics, foot tapping beats and Sunny Leone to motivate you as you push that extra mile. Play this song on a loop for the feel-good factor of the music and see how your workout becomes even more fun. The chair sequence may even encourage you to bust a few moves.

2. Dhat Teri Ki – Gori Tere Pyaar Mein:

A rebellious party anthem song! The lyrics make you break free from the shackles of responsibility and letting loose. The catch hook lets you up the tempo while you are jogging on the treadmill or doing squat after squat. It is a peppy number that will keep you engaged.

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3. Kamli – Dhoom 3:

We have all seen the video for the song with Katrina getting her groove on. Everyone has practiced some moves in private. It is a feel good Punjabi number which makes you want to get up and move. In fact, this number has inspired some Bollywood dance workouts. Check out this link – Kamli

Dhoom 3 has inspired other workouts for the song Malang too. Check out Amir and Katrina inspired moves in this video – Malang

4. The Disco Song – Student Of The Year:

The song that ruled the charts, this disco-inspired number is both a mix of the familiar and the new to make you want to burst into a step. Infectious beats are motivating and keep you energized!

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5. Chaar Bottle Vodka – Ragini Mms 2:

How can you forget Honey Singh in a Bollywood workout playlist? He knows the pulse of the music, and his foot tapping number with catchy lyrics makes you want to run that last mile on the treadmill faster! His lyrics sum it up aptly – “Na mujhko koi roke, Na kisi ne roka.” This translates to – “Nobody can stop me and no one tried to.” So no one better come in the way of your workout!

There are more evergreen songs that can be added to your playlist including:

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  • Chammak Challo – Ra.One.
  • Songs from the movie Queen are motivating and liberating as well.
  • Aashiqui 2 songs deserve a special mention when you are planning a cool down.

6. Asalaam-E-Ishqum From Gunday – Abs:


This cabaret-based routine is perfect for working out your abs. You need to picture your abs muscles and concentrate on them for maximum effect. Replacing crunches, this routine will tone your abs. The catchy music adds to the fun. There are also some nifty belly dancing moves that are actually fun to try out!

7. Bolo Tara Ra – Daler Mehendi:


This is the classic Bhangra inspired Bollywood workout. This is a high cardio and high intensity workout that works your core. With lots of high knee movements and cardio, you will end up all toned and sweaty.

8.Kamli – The Ultimate Abs Workout:


This workout combines fun and athleticism. It works your abs so that you may achieve toned body like Katrina. The mantra focuses on and controls your abs movement. It includes small movements to work the abs. It includes pelvic tilts and rib cage isolation.

9. Dhating Naach – Plyometric:


This workout is set to last year’s super chart buster. This routine mixes plyometrics, fitness and dance. Posture plays an important part here. Whenever you perform any standing exercise, your knees should be soft and not locked in. Wear good shoes as this routine includes a lot of high knee jumps and hops.

10.Bole Chudiyan – The Ultimate Wedding Song:


This routine, set to the smash hit KKKG song, is the ultimate wedding dance. This will make you a dancing star at the next wedding celebration. This dance workout works best for burning all those excess calories you consumed. You burn calories while having fun.

11.Nagada From Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela–High Cardio Workout:


This routine is set to the Navratri song. It incorporates the signature Navratri steps with cardio and fitness training. Grace and free movements combine to make this high cardio workout worthwhile.

12. Ghagra From Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani:


This catchy number has the queen of dance at its helm. This workout encourages your inner dance diva to mingle with fitness. Enjoy this workout, which of course is a little complex. It is a high intensity workout with graceful moves peppered in.

13. Ainvayi Ainvayi From Band Baja Barat:


This super high cardio will lead to buckets of sweat as it involves high kicks. The core should be tight and the knees should be soft.

14.Badtameez Dil From YJHD:


This workout is all about having fun and getting into the best shape. This song is popular and includes a few Latin-inspired moves, which give it a bit of Zumba flavor.

Remember that music plays its part but we also need to put in the effort to gain fitness. Music makes it much easier, giving us one less excuse for not working out! Keep yourself hydrated. Do not get so involved in the music that you cannot hear any external sounds or lose sense of where you are. You may be thinking that you are in a nightclub while still being on the treadmill. Be alert to avoid any mishaps.

If music is the food of life, play on. Stay healthy and stay happy.

Share your best Bollywood workout songs with us in the comment section below.

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