5 Bridal Hair do’s For Long Hair June 25, 2015

With the wedding season in full swing, I am sure you all must be looking out for latest hairstyles for your wedding day.  Moreover, with weddings, there are additional occasions to celebrate too. There are dinners, rehearsals, engagement, and the occasions happening before and after the big day. Here are some long bridal hairdos you can try.

Indian hairstyle looks: Bridal Hairdos For Long Hair

1. Curls are everywhere:

Curls are everywhere

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Get your curling rods for a fine job! Curls are definitely topping the hairstyle charts at the moment. Especially with long hair, it looks awesome when it is curled. Follow the below mentioned steps to get perfect curls.

Divide your hair into 1-inch sections, apply some mousse, and curl the section using a curling rod (the size of the curl you want would depend on the size of the curling barrel).Let your hair cool down for a minute, and spray some hair spray to fix the curl.Then, grab some sections around the crown, and pin them to the centre of the head, around the level of the ears.To give a good final touch, add some cute hair accessories to complete the look.

2. A high bun:

A high bun

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You can go for a high bun. To enhance the look, throw in some hair accessories around the hair. You could use colours that match your outfit and this gives a complete look. A high bun would especially complement people who are not very tall. It does add a few inches to your over-all look.

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3. A low bun:

A low bun

Image: Getty

Get a low bun and enhance it with accessories. As shown in the below image, get a princess-style low bun, get some sleek curls around the bun too. The base of a low bun should be around the nape of the neck. Add a single piece of hair accessory to complete the look. Such bun hairstyles look good on tall women, especially on those who have a long face. Remember, this hairstyle needs proper execution. If not, it may not give a desired over-all appearance. But this definitely a star bridal hairdo for long hair!

4. Traditional Indian hair style:

Traditional Indian hair style

Image: Getty

If you are the bride, or a close relative, you can opt for a heavily jeweled plait. It would make your look stand out in the crowd. Adding hair accessories to the plait will give you that ethnic edge like no other. Moreover, brides can complete the look by adding a matha-patti and maang-tikka (on the forehead). The unique thing about this hairstyle is that this style can be worn even on occasions where you may need to cover your head with a veil. Depending on your taste, you can choose to flip the plait forward or backward. If you have short hair, to get such look, you could use a wig.

Another hairstyle with curls, this one is a simple hairstyle. It goes well with bridesmaids. Curl the hair, and add a floral accessory on one side of the head. This style will look good on almost all face cuts and with all kinds of outfits.

Another one for the bride! Wear your hair in a medium-height bun. Ensure that the top section of the hair is side-parted. Keep it simple, you can use a small maang-tikka popping out from under the side-parted hair. This style is suited for occasions such as engagement, sangeet, etc. If you wish, you can even cover your head while wearing this style.

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5. Jhoomar For the bride:

Jhoomar For the bride

Image: Getty

This can be a very ethnic yet different style for the bride. Wear your hair in a simple, low bun, and accessorise with a jhoomar on one side of the forehead. This style is a sure-shot head turner. It would look best with sharara/ garara type of wedding outfits.

So, which one of these bridal updos for long hair are you going to sport this wedding season? Do share in the comments below.

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  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/eshwarigupta/ Eshwari

    I literally looked everywhere for a tutorial on this type of Bridal Hair do’s and this i just came across and this is so elegant and beautiful.thanks alot for sharing :))!!!

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/ritutheindianbeautyblog/ Ritu Rajput

      thanks Eshwari… glad you liked it:)

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/lakshanya/ Lakshanya

    Absolutely amazing! I would’ve never thought of such a styles!You explain it so clearly, and it looks beautiful! My hair is naturally long, I am going to try a couple of them – though not my wedding :) 

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/ritutheindianbeautyblog/ Ritu Rajput

      thanks a lot Lakshanya.. :)

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/aneeshasingh/ Aneesha

    Informative article.

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/ritutheindianbeautyblog/ Ritu Rajput

      thanks Aneesha:)

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/susmitade/ Susmita De

    Hi Ritu,
    Nice and easy hair styles. Can you post some daily hair style for office especially for long hair. My hair is long and looks best when I just leave it free after applying some styling cream and crunch my hair by hand to add some natural curl. But that is not a good hair style for office ofcourse. I would also appreciate some tips on how to maintain your hair style for whole day (6-8 hrs) without much harmful things.
    Thank you