Your wedding is one of the biggest and most memorable days of your life. It is that one day which you may have been dreaming of ever since you were a little girl. With all eyes on you and the spotlight constantly shining bright, you’ll need a makeup that lasts you perfectly for all those hours. While you need to look your absolute best on your wedding day, one thing you need to make sure about the bridal makeup is that it doesn’t go overboard.

In most cases, girls with a slightly darker complexion or a wheatish skin tone mostly struggle to find the right colours for their makeup, especially the face. The shades may go darker or lighter than your skin tone, and you may find it difficult to find the perfect match. If you have faced this problem earlier, or are not sure what kind of colours would suit your skin tone, the points below will help you find the shade that matches your tone closest.

Bridal Makeup For Wheatish Skin

1. Face: The best foundation coverage for wheatish skin tone:

  • There can be various shades and tones for skin tone that is wheatish and it is difficult to categorize products as specifically suited to ‘wheatish’ skin. If you have skin that falls in the wheatish tone category, it may be quite difficult to get that perfect little bottle of foundation which perfectly suits your skin tone.
  • The best way to try and get the perfect match is to buy your foundation in two shades. Pick one that is lighter than your skin tone and another that is a little darker than your natural skin shade.
  • Now mix these two shades in a clean palette.
  • Match the proportion that suits your skin tone. You can take a little of both and see how the resulting shade looks. Mix and match in different proportions to create the shade that you feel suits your skin tone the best. This should be the shade that is closest to your natural skin tone.
  • Apply the foundation using a foundation brush.
  • Make sure you blend it in properly.
  • Do not rub the foundation, instead, lightly blend with the brush.
  • Remember to blend it in towards your jaw line and ear line. This will give your overall face a ‘finished’ look. Leaving out the neck, jaw line and ear line will create a different shade patch around different areas.

2. The bridal blushes: Choices of colours:

  • For those with a wheatish skin tone, blushes in colours like corals and rose are the best. These will add that warmth to your cheeks, while setting off your natural skin tone beautifully.
  • Avoid blushes in colours like peach, rosy browns, light pinks and oranges.

3. The Eyes: Choose the palette accordingly:

  • Since you have a wheatish skin tone, avoid using a smokey eye look for your wedding.
  • For the eye liners, go for a thin upper lash line. Don’t create a very heavy or very thick line on the upper lash.
  • Also, apply a thin line to the lower lining. Make sure the lines are drawn thin and not made thick or too pronounced.
  • Since you are going for a lighter and thinner lining, use false lashes with a volume express formula or hyper curl mascara. This will make your eyes stand out.
  • For the eye shadow, you can go in for an array of choices from mauve to burgundy to pale roses for the eyes.

4. The Lips: Sparkling Lips:

  • Use berry, burgundy, plum or wine shades for the lips.
  • Avoid using orange, coral or matte shades.
  • If you have oily skin, go for matte finish lipsticks with glitters in them.
  • If you have dry skin, give a touch of gloss to the lips.

Now that you’ve read up all there is to know about the bridal makeup that best suits wheatish skin tone, we’re sure you wouldn’t have any more worries. Go out there, dazzle the world and flaunt your beauty on your big day. All the best and congratulations!

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