5 Brilliant DIY Ideas For Nail Polish Removers October 6, 2016

You are getting late for an event and you want to remove your peeled off nail paint, but finally you notice that you are running out of your store-bought nail polish remover! The urgency to remove the nail polish can make you impatient and looking for some alternative. But hey, don’t panic!

We have come up with some easy-to-use homemade nail polish removers. They are healthier, safer, and cheaper than the commercial ones.

How To Make Nail Polish Remover at Home?

Here are 5 amazing DIY homemade nail polish removers.

1. Lemon Nail Polish Remover

Lemon For Homemade Nail Polish Remover

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Lemon is a natural ingredient that can be used to remove nail polish. It is also a natural manicure recipe. All you have to do is rub a slice of lemon on your nails and remove the nail polish. Now, isn’t that easy?

For best results, you can soak your nail polish in lukewarm soapy water for about 3 – 5 minutes and then use a lemon slice as an alternative to commercial nail polish remover. This will help soften the nail polish so that it comes off easily.

2. Vinegar Nail Polish Remover

Vinegar For Homemade Nail Polish Remover

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Vinegar is an acidic ingredient that can break down nail polish. Soak a cotton ball in vinegar, press it onto a fingernail and hold it for 10 – 20 seconds. Then use the cotton ball to wipe the polish off. It might take a little longer to remove the nail paint if there are several coats.

Soaking the nails in warm water for 10 – 15 minutes before removing the nail polish can help to speed up the process.
You can also go with a mixture of equal amounts of lemon juice and vinegar. Stir the mixture together, soak a cotton ball into the mixture and rub it over the nails. This causes the nail enamel to dissolve and removes all the remnants of nail polish.

3. Alcohol For DIY Nail Polish Remover

Alcohol For Homemade Nail Polish Remover

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Rubbing alcohol is a good alternative for those who don’t have lemon juice and vinegar for preparing homemade nail paint remover. It is more natural and less harsh than the chemicals found in commercial removers. Using alcohol as a nail polish remover can be beneficial for those suffering from nail infections, as alcohol has some antibacterial properties.

Soak your nails for some time in lukewarm water and then add some alcohol over a cotton ball and use it to wipe off the nail paint.

4. Deodorant To Make Nail Polish Remover

Deodorant For Homemade Nail Polish Remover

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Are you running out of all the above supplies? Don’t worry! Just grab your deodorant can and keeping the nozzle at a closer range, spray it over your nails and immediately wipe it off using a cotton ball. Before doing this, make sure you are not allergic to spray deodorants. They have some alcohol and acetone content that will help to clean the nails and remove the nail paint quickly.

Acetone is the main ingredient present in store bought nail polish removers, but it can be harsh on the skin. Deodorants also contain some solvents that can be wonderful nail polish removers.

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5. Hand Sanitizer To Prepare Nail Polish Remover At Home

Hand Sanitizer For Nail Polish Remover

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One of the quick and simple tips to remove nail polish is to squirt a little of the hand sanitizer and then immediately rub a cotton ball over the nails. Repeat the process until the polish starts to come off. However, don’t use a lot of sanitizer. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly once you are done with it. Otherwise, it will dry on your nails. Now that’s something you don’t want, do you?

You don’t have to browse the stores for hours together to get that perfect nail polish remover. Just the everyday things you use at home can do the job!

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