Bronze eye makeup is everyone’s favorite choice of eye makeup when it comes to Indian looks. This colour especially looks gorgeous with the Indian skin tone. You can wear this colour for your eyes for wedding, parties or any traditional occasion.

Bronze is such a colour which suits even dusky toned Indian beauties. This is because bronze is a burnt brown and gold combination which sits on to the eye lid giving a gorgeous glow and shine to them. It blends in perfectly with the skin colour and gives the eye lids that shimmer.

If you are not willing to go for a high end makeup look, then light bronze or minimal bronze eye makeup can also make you look fantastic. Today we will show you a simple bronze eye makeup look.

Things You Will Need:

Hope you will like it. Some simple and easy things that you will need for this eye makeup look are as follows:

  • A concealer and foundation
  • A face compact
  • Eye shadow (Colors needed Shimmer bronze, matte red or pink, highlighter silver)
  • Kajal pencil/Black liner pencil
  • Liquid Eye Liner
  • Mascara
  • Lash Curler
  • Lash Comb

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Step 1:

On clean eye lids, apply concealer and foundation. Follow it up with a compact for a flawless texture. Before starting any makeup on any part of the body, it’s very important that your skin is free from oil, dirt or grime. If your pores have oil or sebum locked in them and you are doing makeup over it, neither will your makeup sit and stay on your skin properly nor will your skin be able to breathe. Make sure your face is cleansed and dry from oil and dirt.

Step 2:

Apply matte pink or red on to the crease first. Very light strokes to cover the sunken crease area. We usually start from the lid and move to the crease but here I am using a different process.

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Step 3:

Take the bronze shimmer eye shadow and cover the whole lid.

Step 4:

Smudge and extend the shadow to form a wing incline upwards at the exterior.

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Step 5:

Use the silver highlighter on to the brow bone. Spread evenly. The silver highlighter helps to make the brow bones pop out and makes your skin around the eyes look healthy and glowing. Put a bit at the eye-nose junction to demarcate the separation of the eyes from the nose area.

Step 6:

Use a pencil liner for the lower rim or your very own kajal.

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Step 7:

Take your liquid liner and carefully draw a double winged lining for the top. Make it broad if it is a party and narrow if it’s a traditional, household event. Depending on the situation, you can provide extra touches to your makeup.

Step 8:

Apply mascara in top to down fashion on the upper lashes and a zig zag form on to the lower lashes.

Step 9:

Brush out any excess or clumps of mascara with a mascara brush.

Step 10:

Use a lash curler if you want added curl.

This is how it looks when completed.

Step 11:

Use a blusher of your choice for the cheeks and a nice lipstick. There you go; this is the complete look!

Please leave your feedback below. Stay gorgeous!

  • Zinnia

    Love itttttttt….


    The model is looking like a cartoon.. From the next time, please try to follow the classical way of doing eye makeup..