Are you a nail art lover? If yes then you must always be looking out for really cool designs of nail arts which are easy to do and great to sport. We have already seen water marbling nail arts. But they can be messy and the clean up that follows is another hectic process. Therefore here is another easy process for a simple looking designer marbling effect. This is called the dry marbling effect and I love this one because it’s way less messy. You can use many two or more colours for this but here we will keep it simple to just 2 colours.

Camouflage Nail Art Designs

I will show you a camouflage nail art which looks like a military costume .You can use a grey colour and a bright cream colour.

Things You Will Need:

  • A moss light green colour (I’ve used Gaits 11 Lonely Green)
  • A Black Colour (I’ve used Gaits 05 Black)
  • A Base Coat (Optional)
  • A Top Coat (I’ve used Lotus transparent top coat)
  • Tiny pieces of kitchen plastic wrap or pieces of soft carry bags. Crunch these pieces.

Stepwise Tutorial:

Step 1:

Use a base coat and follow it with 2 coats of green colour that you are using.

Step 2:

Let the green colour dry out completely before moving onto the black colour. If your base colour is not dry, then it will get ripped off while creating the marble effect and you will have to start from beginning. Put a thin coat of black colour over the whole of green coat. Immediately move on to Step 3. Do one nail at a time with black.

Step 3:

After application of the thin black layer, take the crumpled tiny piece of polythene and pat it on to the black polish.

The marble effect will be new and different each time. The plastic will take out a little bit of the black colour each time you use it. If it takes off a bit too much, put a little more of black colour and use again. Use clean crumpled pieces of polythene each time. Do this till you are satisfied with the outcome. If you want to use more colours, then wait till the previous colour is dried completely. It’s best to move from lighter to darker shades for this marble effect. This process is called Dry Marbling.

Step 4:

Use a cotton bud, dipped in polish remover to remove any traces of stray polish. Apply a nice layer of top coat to seal in your camouflage design.

Tell us what you think of this camouflage nail art design? Do tell us! Leave a comment.

  • Bansari

    very nice tutorial zinnia!! great article thanks :)

    • Zinnia

      Oh thank you so much for liking this article :) Do try , great yet easy technique :D

  • Ramya Chekuri