Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial – With Detailed Steps And Pictures June 27, 2016

There are so many trends that fleet in and out every season- like the brown lipsticks of the 90s, the leather of the 70s, the denim jackets and dry blonde hair of the early 2000s. But the modern trend that has been around since the 50’s, and has revived and transformed itself again and again for the last 6 decades, is the cat eyes makeup look.

Looking back in history, this eyeliner makeup was even seen on the beauties of bygone eras like Cleopatra and the Arab beauties. Their best discerning feature was the lining of their eyes with black eyeliner and winging it out. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a homemade kajal or using the latest eyeliner artist pen, this is the perfect style to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

Being one of the oldest and most loved eyeliner styles, cat eyeliner has always been in vogue one way or another. Here I am going to show you how to do the cat eyeliner in few simple steps.

Celeb Styles

The cat eyeliner witnessed the invention of liquid liner and the era of Brigitte Bardot and her signature look.

This look was popularized in the Indian community by Sharmila Tagore back in the 70s.

Then after a brief period of less eyeliner and matte lipsticks, the classy look came back with a big bang with Deepika Padukone’s eye makeup in Om Shanti Om!!

And the look is still going strong even after 6 years of making a comeback, since a version of the cat eye/winged eyeliner was seen on Sonam Kapoor done by Namrata Soni during her day 1 look at Cannes Film Festival, as seen here,

Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Now, I hope I have given you enough ideas to flaunt this look every day. Here is how you can make the cat eye makeup or winged eyeliners!

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I am using my Lakme instaliner for this tutorial. Now onto the steps,

Step 1:

Make sure that your eyelid is oil free; apply some compact powder if you need.

Step 2:

Hold your lid like this using your finger, so that your lashes don’t get in the way (if you have long lashes like mine). For ease of application, try holding the mirror at chin level. Try using a smaller hand held mirror.

Step 3:

Draw a single line from outer part of the socket to the outer end of the eyelid, like this:

Step 4:

Draw another line above it and extend it till the lid, like this.

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Step 5:

Join this upper line to your lash line like this,

Step 6:

Now start lining your eyes as you would normally from the inner corner and join it up with the outer triangle, we have already made.

Step 7:

Now fill in the triangle too.

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Step 8:

Now adjust the thickness of your eyeliner so that the line resembles cat eyes.

And you are done!!  This look is often paired with fair foundation, flushed pink cheeks and bright red lipstick. But you can give it a more modern twist by pairing it with bright fuchsia lips. The depth of the eyes can be achieved by applying darker brown shades in the crease line and lighter shade on the lids to get  a look somewhat like this:

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