6 Stylish Celebrity Hair Transformations That Will Blow Your Mind June 11, 2015

We are always mad about celebrities, aren’t we? We go crazy with their style, and are awestruck with their super-glam dressing sense. And coming to their hairstyle – ahem, well, don’t ask me.

There are celebrities who are known for their uber-cool hairstyles. And then there are celebrities who are known for their even more uber-cool hair transformations.

Coming to the point, the intellectual me is going to share some “Hair-raising” wisdom with you all on the most stunning celebrity hair transformations of the recent times. And I mean, “stunning”, in a nice way. My list is going to exclude all those celebrities that ended up looking like the scarecrow in my grandfather’s farm! I am modest, so I am leaving myself out of this list as well…

1. Pop Queen Rihanna:

This woman knows how to shine and dazzle everyone around her. Remember when she appeared on the music scene with her long curly and super wild hair? She looked sensual, and then she cut her hair short in bob cut and looked like class laced in sexiness. If you gals want to copy her style, then get it done right now! We recommend going to a reputed saloon if you do not want to look like my pooch at the onset of summers!

2. Megan Fox:

When I heard she was going short with her hair and colouring it all blonde, I was secretly happy about the blunder – but then she came out looking like a Greek goddess. When will this lady stop looking this good! I am unrepentantly jealous of her; and the only problem is that I drool over her more than my brother. Is it even normal??!

3. Katy Perry:

Katy girl is the queen of hair transformation, and aren’t we well aware of her hair suddenly going pink, blue, purple……I just told my editor to publish this one real fast because by the time you read this, she would have surely changed her hairstyle one more time!

But I have to admit that this time I loved her hair in black and cut in pixie style. She looks mean and very bold; we ain’t complaining though. The style has retained her quirkiness yet given her a structured look – a big departure from what we are used to seeing her usually!

4. Shailene Woodley:

“Spectacular today” Star did create a spectacle with her brand new hairstyle. And guys, from the sweet demure girl in this movie, she took a huge departure with a pixie cut! Yes!! She looked chic and absolutely amazing with a side parting. The world is full of critics, and there were people who didn’t like her new hairstyle. But hey, she isn’t going to give a damn about that, is she?

5. Amber Rose:

Amber Rose Pinit

Image: Shutterstock

I was not a big fan of her crop cut white bleached hair anyway, so any change would have been good. But Amber wanted to impress me, so she grew her hair long and got a touch of red! Red super straight hair is what I have been talking about gals – It is fashionable, stylish and eye catching; just the way I like it when I make an entry! Me trying this for the next party. Time to call my stylist….yoohoo!

6. Zayn Malik:

We had to have a guy on this list, and the lucky one happens to be the uberly gorgeous and superhot Zayn Malik! I was thinking earlier if he could look any better. It was like he heard my inner voice and went cropped completely. Zayn, absolutely love it! Dinner tonight??