Choose A Perfect Foundation For Your Skin Tone

Not every woman is blessed with beautiful and flawless skin! Some are troubled with acne, scars, pimples, while some may face dryness or over oilness. But then those of this imperfect skin are blessed with Makeup!

Further, face foundation makeup is most important for a flawless skin!!!  The right foundation for your skin tone is necessary to get all the other makeup right in place.

Simple Makeup Tips To Choose Right Foundation For Your Skin Tone

1. Know Your Skin Tone!

Firstly, it is very important to know your skin tone to choose the right foundation. The right skin color will help you ease the further task of applying makeup. Wrong shades of foundation can ruin all the effort you take to get the right makeup look. Therefore read below to understand how to pick the right shade.

Check the colour of the veins under your wrist.

2. Know Your Skin Type!

To choose the right foundation i.e liquid, loose powder, compact or others, it is important to know the skin type. This procedure will help you completely avoid the risk of harming the skin. For example, when you know that your skin is prone to sun burn, it will help you pick the foundation that offers SPF protection.

3. Coverage:

Decide on the coverage you want to have for your skin.

4. Foundation Testing Tips:

I hope this article will help you choose the right foundation that blends to your skin tone.

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