How To Use Cloves To Take Care Of Toothache March 16, 2015

Since the birth of human beings, people have been experiencing toothaches. Tooth pain is indeed miserable. You may experience soreness or pain in the gums or the jaw because of trauma, infection or irritation. Generally, toothaches take place in case of tooth decay. Tooth discomfort and problems can also occur when you have a gum disease, cracked tooth, or something is trapped between your teeth. These toothaches are pretty difficult to deal with.

Today, the most popular way of treating a toothache is to visit a dentist, pay a lump sum amount of fees and calling it a day. Sadly, these treatments often accentuate the pain, making it almost unbearable for you. Sadly though, you need to eat and drink for staying alive. You can’t stop everything just because of a toothache.

Individuals often wait months and sometimes even years before actually fixing an appointment with a dentist. Perhaps you don’t have sufficient money for the treatment right then. Or, perhaps you hate the pain of being operated, and keep on delaying the visit. No matter what, you need to do something to relieve the pain, at least for the time being.

Clove Oil for Teeth Pain:

One of the most well-liked and tried means to alleviate toothaches is by applying clove oil or cloves. When it comes to treating toothaches naturally, cloves are often supposed to do wonders. The application process is easy and the results are highly effective.

All you need to do is take a few cloves and press them between the infected tooth and your cheek. At times, you need to chew them a little for getting the juice out of them. Clove oils also work wonders for your toothaches. However, you need to be a bit careful while using the oil, since over usage can prove harmful for your teeth. However, if you seek the advice of an expert, he/she can give you a secured and effective kind of clove oil that wouldn’t be harmful.

Cloves or clove oil for toothaches is an excellent solution. It is an effective antimicrobial which functions as a tool to destruct or resist any fungal infections which might be there in your teeth. It has an instant effect on both bacteria and virus of all kinds. Cloves consist of effective minerals and proteins which ooze emulsifying acids for the tooth cavity and keep it fresh and clean.

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What’s more, clove oil or clove for toothache are popular for having an anesthetizing effect on the nerves of your body. This is the main reason why they’re used for treating emergency needs like severe toothaches. Quite similar to cinnamon, cloves as well as clove oils consist of antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. It’s incredibly effective at treating toothaches, cavities, bad breath and other oral infections.

As for the clove oil, it’s an essential oil that’s produced from the clove plant, biologically known as syzgium aromaticum. Since ages, this oil has been used as an analgesic and antiseptic element in the field of dentistry. Its basic ingredient, eugenol, is the main reason behind this.

The best thing about this clove oil is that, it’s easily available at your local medical store. Handy and effective, cloves are a popular choice for treating oral discomfort and infections. At the same time, it’s crucial to remember that eugenol, a hepatotoxic, can cause significant damage to your liver if consumed in excess.

When used in the right way, clove oil doesn’t have any side effect as such. However, excess application or usage can burn the skin and mucous membrane around your mouth. Therefore, you must use it with caution; try using a small amount at first to check whether there’s any allergic reaction related to it or not.

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