You Were Having Your Herbal Tea All Wrong! 7 Mistakes You Must Avoid August 8, 2016

Whenever you need a healthy boost, the first thing that comes to your mind might be a soothing cup of herbal tea.

Besides being caffeine-free, warm, and tasty, herbal tea has many health benefits as well. Herbs have all sorts of healing powers, ranging from soothing a troubled mind and tummy to easing insomnia.

Here are a few mistakes that you must avoid with herbal tea:

1. Adding Sugar To Make It Sweet

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One of the most important purposes of having herbal tea is to nullify the effects of sugar on your body. If you add sugar, it doesn’t make sense.

However, if you’re a sweet lover, you can substitute sugar with honey, but make sure you do not add more than a teaspoon. Both herbal tea and honey help you lose weight and hence, can be considered a good combination. However, if you wish to add honey to the herbal tea, let the tea cool down a bit and then add a teaspoon of honey. This is because it is not recommended to mix honey with hot food stuff.

Another substitute for honey and sugar is jaggery. Add only a small amount of jaggery to your herbal tea as excessive jaggery leads to weight gain.

2. Adding Milk To Herbal Tea

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Tulsi and milk are incompatible with each other, and most of the herbal teas contain tulsi as an ingredient. Thus, adding milk to herbal tea is not recommended.

Another reason for not adding milk to herbal tea is that milk is rich in nutrition, which leads to weight gain. And if you’re drinking herbal tea to reduce weight, adding milk to it will not serve the purpose of weight loss any longer.

But, if the herbal tea that you are using is very spicy, and if you’ve to give it to children, you can add a little milk to calm down the taste of spice.

3. Drinking It Either Too Hot Or Too Cold

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If you wish to drink herbal tea, wait for some time and then have it. Drinking the herbal tea too hot or too cold is not suggested as the after effects depend on your body type.

If your body type is Kapha or Vata, you can drink it hot. But if your body type is Pitta, then it is better to drink lukewarm tea.

4. Reheating

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If you are preparing herbal tea, it is better to have it fresh rather than heating and reheating the same tea and consuming it. Reheating is against Ayurvedic principles as it burns all the active ingredients of the herbs.

5. Drinking It All The Time

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When Pitta is very high, especially during summers, it is suggested to avoid herbal tea.

6. Keeping The Lid Closed While Making Herbal Tea

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Ayurveda suggests that whenever you boil water, the vessel should be open so that the water gets evaporated a bit. Also, when you add the ingredients to the water and stir it continuously, it makes the tea richer with the nutrients.

7. Not Consulting A Doctor Before Taking Herbal Tea

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Though herbal tea is good for health, it can worsen a few symptoms too. Thus, if you’re suffering from diabetes or if you get tired soon, it is better to not drink herbal tea.

Consult your doctor and then have herbal tea.

It is very important to look for a herbal tea that has high-quality ingredients. Make sure you boil it for a long time i.e. 10–15 minutes if you want to reap all its benefits.

So, were you making any of the above mistakes while brewing your herbal tea? If yes, you must stop repeating them now!

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