Top 10 Concealers In India February 13, 2017

Concealer is also known as color corrector, which is a beauty product to hide the flaws visible on the skin. It is thicker than foundation and is applied after primer on the face. A makeup concealer can do wonders for your skin and is the most important part of the makeup that helps you to cover pimples, scars and dark circles. They can also be useful to hide serious problems like scars, birthmarks, and vitiligo. Right concealers can be useful to blend many imperfections in a matter of seconds and hide the blemishes to get the most flawless look for your skin. They are available in many shades from lightest to deepest by many different brands to suit your skin type and tone.

Top 10 Concealers In India:

Check the list of 10 best concealers in India and choose your favorite one.

1. MAYBELLINE Dream Mousse Concealer:


Buy MAYBELLINE Dream Mousse Concealer For ₹ 3,488.81 @

This is really good pigmented concealer. It is very light in texture in a form of whipped mousse and comes in a thick glass container packaging. This is very effective to hide your entire skin flaws. It has a good staying power of more than 7 hours. Dream Mousse Concealer has the same texture like foundation. This has super smooth and creamy texture. It has a rich formula and heavily pigmented. As a result, this concealer doesn’t crease and gives a rich texture.

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2. REVLON Colorstay:


Buy REVLON Colorstay For ₹ 1,224.00 @

Revlon colorstay concealer comes in a liquid form. They are available in five shades to suit all skin tones. Revlon colorstay concealer goes on very smoothly and blends really well and last for more than sixteen long hours to keep your makeup at place. They are also suitable for every skin type. They come in lip gloss like container along with a sponge applicator. This has a medicinal smell, which may not be liked by few.

3. Colorbar Full Cover Concealer:


Buy Colorbar Full Cover Concealer @

Colorbar Full Cover Concealer is currently rated among the best ones. This best concealer is created in different shades to suit different skin tones. It is very easy to apply and gives a highly hydrating feel and dewy to the touch finish. This makes skin look soft and silky. This looks very natural and flawless after application and is a perfect concealer. This has a stay power of 7 hours without fading or creasing on finer lines and helps to brighten up the eyes for refreshed look. Colorbar Full Cover Concealer has a very smooth and creamy texture. This gives excellent coverage to conceal spots all over the face. The price of the Colorbar Full Cover Concealer is very affordable to suit anyone’s pocket.

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4. Deborah Milano 24 Ore Perfect Concealer:


Buy Deborah Milano 24 Ore Perfect Concealer @

Deborah Milano 24 Ore Perfect Concealer is available in solid stick form. Deborah Milano helps to hide your dark circles, flaws and blemishes very perfectly. They are available in three different shades, to suit all skin tones. Deborah Milano Perfect Concealer has a creamy consistency that blends easily on the skin. The shades are perfect to suit all Indian skin tones. Deborah Milano concealers don’t give a dry skin and last really long.

5. Coloressence Panstick Concealer:


Buy Coloressence Panstick Concealer For ₹ 175.00 @

Coloressence panstick Concealer is available in pan stick type container. This has a creamy texture that doesn’t get heavy on application. They can easily hide the blemishes and is very easy to blend. This concealer is suitable for both dry and sensitive skin. They don’t settle into fine lines and sets quickly. This lasts for about eight to ten hours and gives good coverage to hide spots.

6. LAKME Absolute White Intense Concealer Stick:


Buy LAKME Absolute White Intense Concealer Stick For ₹ 490.00 @

Lakme has many shade choices to suit different skin tone. You can easily find your best shade for perfect match. LAKME Absolute White Intense Concealer Stick has a very soft texture that makes it really easy for application. This LAKME Absolute White Intense Concealer Stick can give light to medium coverage with excellent long-lasting stay power. They don’t crease out with time and is suitable for dry and oily skin types.

7. LOTUS HERBALS Natural Blend Swift Makeup Stick Concealer:


Buy LOTUS HERBALS Natural Blend Swift Makeup Stick Concealer For ₹ 293.00 @

Lotus herbalnatural Blend Swift Make-up Stick is 100% herbal that proves to be the best for the skin. This has many uses such as foundation, concealer, compact, and SPF. Application of this concealer can help to even your skin tone. This also gives a matte effect and doesn’t make your skin look oily. They don’t crease on skin or clog your pores to give pimples. This gives smooth and great coverage. They have amazing shades to choose from to suit your own skin tone. This comes in a good packaging and is highly pigmented.

8. Colorbar Instant Coverup Stick Concealer:


Colorbar Instant Coverup Stick Concealer is available in 2 shades. This is available in the stick and pencil form. This is 100% organic and has a creamy texture that helps to hide dark circles, spots, blemishes, pigmentation. Colorbar Instant Coverup Stick Concealer can very efficiently hide the signs of ageing, wrinkles and ageing spots. They also have an excellent stay power. It doesn’t smudge and is easy to blend. It has anti-oxidant properties that help to maintain healthy skin.

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9. REVLON Photo Ready Concealer:

Buy REVLON Photo Ready Concealer For ₹ 1,204.00 @

Revlon Photo Ready Concealer is best suitable concealer for oily skin. This has a very good and longer stay power. REVLON Photo Ready Concealer comes in a stick form that makes it travel friendly. They are very easy to use and blend on the skin. They can easily hide the pores and scars.

10. MAYBELLINE Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer:


Buy MAYBELLINE Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer For ₹ 400.00 @

Maybelline dream lumi touch highlighting concealer comes in a pen form. This gives a spot correction to the skin. With correction, it also helps to illuminate the dark or pigmented area. maybelline dream lumi touch highlighting Concealer is available in 6 different shades to suit all skin tones.

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Concealers are heavily pigmented when compared to foundation, but they are also available in less opacity. They are available in different from liquid to solid forms such as creamy liquid, cream, stick, matte-finish cream-to-powder, matte-finish, and ultra-matte liquid concealers. They are heavily pigmented and can be used alone or with foundations to get flawless even complexion. Used correctly, concealer can change your appearance by brightening a tired face and covering the blemishes. This is the best way to conceal and hide your under-eye dark circles. Some also use just the concealer to complete the look.

You need to learn the right shade or concealer’s application by practice. There are certain basic steps that can make the application process even easier which can be included in your makeup kitty.

How to Apply Concealer? – Some Important Tips:

  1. Always pick up the right shade concealer. Many brands and shades may confuse you in the market.
  2. Pick up a concealer with yellow as the base color and 2 shades lighter than your skin tone.
  3. You can try and test the shades at departmental beauty store counters.
  4. If you are using concealer for dark circles under the eyes, first apply it and then the foundation.
  5. If you want to cover the blemishes and pimples, first apply the foundation and then the concealer.
  6. Remember to choose good quality makeup concealers for yourself.
  7. Applying concealer properly will give you natural and sheer look.
  8. To apply concealer properly, first apply some dots under the eyes, inside corners of the eyes. Blend this well with your finger or with the help of firm bristles brush.
  9. With the middle finger, tap the concealer and blend well. Don’t rub, just tap gently.
  10. They can also be applied on the uneven spots on the face like chin, nose and mouth.
  11. You can apply another layer to get more coverage, if needed.
  12. Dust loose powder over the concealer to set. Keep in mind to apply loose powder with a fluffy brush for that perfect finish.
  13. Always apply moisturizer for dry skin before applying concealer.
  14. Avoid using the concealer on wrinkles, as they need a heavy layer that looks bad.
  15. Use a darker shade, if you have puffy eyes.
  16. You can also try yellow-based concealer to hide spider veins.
  17. Always apply the concealer in small amount to avoid looking cakey.
  18. Blot gently after applying with a tissue on uneven spots.
  19. Never keep concealer for more than a year. They could batch bacteria that can later lead to break out.
  20. Always purchase the concealer in bright light or sunlight.
  21. Use sheer layers to get them transparent and natural look on the skin.
  22. Keep your skin type in mind for choosing the right concealer. The fluid concealer is suitable for dry skin and those with oily skin can choose matte concealer.
  23. Always choose the concealer of a reputed brand as they have special features for best effects. They also provide good pigmentation and coverage.
  24. Apply concealer on your cleansed skin for best effect. You can also use primer to make them stay for longer time to hide uneven skin tone.
  25. Never use a wiping motion to apply the concealer.
  26. A purple-tinted concealer can brighten the sallow complexions.
  27. Never apply concealer directly from the tube. This can look really heavy on the face.
  28. Choosing wrong formulation of concealer like liquid, stick or pencil can ruin the look.

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Hope this article was interesting and informative. Try these amazing top 10 concealers available in India and accentuate your beauty. Don’t forget to leave us a comment!

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