Worried about Hairfall? Have you tried several different cures but have seen to visible results? Don’t worry, this time your attempt will not fail!

Let me take you through the natural and effective homeopathic treatments for hair loss and bald patches which will definitely work wonders for you! Try out these homeopathic treatments for hairloss with a doctor’s consultation. You simply even just start using these yourself as homeopathy treatment for hair loss has no side –effects at all.


  • Homeopathic treatment for hair loss is done with homeopathic ingredients whose dosages are measured in centesimal dilution, better known as “c,” for each hundredth.
  • You may try the following homeopathic dosages in 30c potency everyday for atleast 3 weeks before breakfast, lunch and dinner (to notice results, take pictures of your scalp under the same lighting conditions each time at an interval of 5 days) then continue the dosage for another 2 weeks by reducing it to two times a day with good gaps like before lunch and dinner only. Doing this for 2 months can really and effectively cure hairfall in the long run.


Homeopathic Treatment For Hair Loss

Dandruff can be a great cause for hair loss but health can also be a contributing factor.

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So let’s discuss the different dandruff treatment therapies if you have dandruff.

  • When you have dandruff, take kali sulphuricum, vinca minor or selenium. All these three help in reducing the irritation on scalp as well as help to treat bald spots effectively.
  • If your hair has the tendency of falling off at the roots,or if you feel that the roots are severely damaged, then you should try kali carbonium which nourishes roots.
  • But, know your condition first, if you see lots of hair loss and boils on your scalp, then try phosphorus or calcareaphosphorica instead of the three mentioned above.
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And in case you after losing hair due to health reasons, here are few suggestions

  • If you have gone through pregnancy, or you are a lactating mother, and suffering extreme hairloss leading to bald spots and patches, then try lycopodiumclavatum, since this cures bald patches and also eczema. You should accompany this hairloss treatment, with selenium intake since this is known to effectively treat hairloss related to pregnancy.


While going for this kind of hairloss treatment, do consult your doctor. Make sure that you can take the recommended dosage, especially if you are carrying a child and have not given birth yet.

  • Women also go through more stress in many cases than men, or you may be undergoing some treatment where you are medicated on severe steroids and as we all know steroids can really rip your hair off from the very roots! In such cases take phosphoricumacidum .
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Follow up:

  • Shampoo with a mild or baby shampoo every day , if you are suffering from hair loss, use a wide toothed comb preferably a shampoo comb. Do not use brushes like paddle brush or styling on hair.
  • Coloring would not be a great option till hair fall is stabilized. And also too much of heat exposure. Styling needs to take the back seat for some time!


  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/daksha/ Daksha

    very good hair care tips…zinni.I have tried many things but have been unsuccessful with Control hairfall. how many times in a week does the treatment applied ??? Would this also help in regrowing hair? i ‘ll try it. Nice Article! Thanks for your post!

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/zinniamukherjee/ Zinnia

      Thanks yaar firstly, but see these are after all medicines, don’t start self medication, please! Consult a good homeo doc whom U TRUST and who has a proper degree. Now next u check out what dosages of what medicines he/she is recommending, check them up with the above mentioned medicnes, see if they tally and if not ask which ones that person is or is not suggesting and why, next u make your own routine and follow up, forget the doc then ;) .This article is for knowledge and information :) thanks again for the appreciation !

  • deepthi

    thanks a lot for your information. i have doubt .how long do we need to take homeopathy treatement for hair loss.i mean when actually we can stop using homeopathic pills or treatements because we really cant afford for so many years right .i had thick lustrous curly hair i lost because of my sleepless nights for almost a year .And once if we stop using homeopathic treatement can we loose all or regrown hair just like minoxidil . could you please resolve my doubts(sorry about my english)