Corporate Yoga – Best Asanas And Their Benefits June 17, 2016

Looking for a perfect option on how to maintain the health of your employees? Here’s what you can do! StyleCraze offers you information on how to conduct yoga sessions for your employees. As an employer, it’s your primary responsibility to keep your staff fit, healthy and focused.

A complete yoga session includes basic warm-up exercises, poses/asanas, pranayama and over all meditation which is a source of deep relaxation. You can complete this routine in an hour.

Corporate Yoga

The yoga for corporates session is usually conducted for firms/companies are known as ‘Corporate Yoga sessions’. Follow the step by step instructions given below and get started.

1. Balasana:

Sit on a yoga mat in Vajrasana pose. For Vajrasana one has to kneel down on the floor in such a manner that the upper part of your feet should touch the ground. Your knees, big toes and ankles should be parallel to each other and should touch the ground. Place your hands on your knees. Exhale deeply and bend your upper body in the forward direction till your forehead touches the floor. This pose is also termed as shoulder opener. Place your hands besides your head in a comfortable position. This is the Balasana pose.

2. Garudasana:

Garudasana Pinit

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This is popularly known as Eagle pose. Here on has to stand on the floor in a straight position. Bend your knees a little. Lift up your left leg and drape it around your right leg. Place your hands in front of your chest in prayer position. Now try to do the same with your hands. Drape/wrap the left hand around your right hand. Look straight, close your eyes and concentrate on your pose.

3. Shavasana:

This is known as ‘Corpse pose’ and is the best way to relax and calm your mind, body and soul. You have to lie down on the floor resting body on the back. Place your hands on the floor besides your body in a comfortable position (relaxed, hands and fingers spread apart, palms up). Spread your legs in the same manner as your hands in a comfortable position. Rest your head on the either side of the body whichever is comfortable for you. Close your eyes relax and concentrate on your breathing.

4. Viparita Karani: 

For the Viparita Karani, you have to lie down on the floor near the wall. One can even keep a cushion or a load touching the wall. Lie down on your back. Lift up your legs in the upward direction touching the wall. Your body should be positioned in a 90 degree angle. To support your position you can rest your buttocks on the cushion. Place your hands either on your stomach or on the floor whichever suits you. Remain steady and relax.

5. Cat Pose:

Cat Pose Pinit

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This is also known as Majariasana. You have to place your body in a tabletop position. Look straight. Raise your shoulders in the upward direction and stretch it, look down. Stretch your hands as you raise your upper body towards the ceiling. Remain steady and relax.

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Benefits of Corporate yoga:

  1. It relieves employees from stress, depression and workload
  2. Increases work efficiency
  3. Decreases health risk factors
  4. Enhances employees’ strength, endurance levels and posture 
  5. Reduces backache, fatigue and similar issues

A corporate yoga session helps your employees rejuvenate their body and mind. This is a good and healthy way to ensure that your staff stays healthy. Haven’t tried it yet? Go ahead and arrange for a session to stretch those muscles.

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