How To Create Perfect Winged Eyeliner With A Spoon? November 4, 2015

Don’t we all love to accentuate our eyes with gorgeous dramatic winged eyeliner? But not all of us have steady hands and we often end up with eyeliner that looks messy, to say the least! But, you need not try and erase your eyeliner a million times to achieve the perfect winged look. With a simple makeup trick, you can now draw your favorite winged eyeliner without any problem!


A spoon is something you eat with, it’s not a makeup tool! I am sure that’s what you are thinking! But in the right hands, a spoon can turn into the perfect makeup tool! Don’t believe me? Follow this tutorial and you too will be able to use your spoon to get that perfect winged eyeliner! But make sure you follow the below mentioned steps to get the perfect finish!

Step 1:

Take a medium length steel spoon, check for the length by holding it over the eye area. Avoid using heavy, plastic or sharp ended spoons as it might hurt the delicate eye area. It is also important to check whether the spoon has a nice blunt and rounded shape. The edge shouldn’t be sharp.

Now, place the flat end body of the spoon on the outermost corner of your eye area. To locate the right angle to place the spoon, just follow the natural line of your lower lash line and connect it upwards with the spoon. If you want to create a dramatic eyeliner look, then just tilt the spoon outward to extend the line of your eyeliner.

Step 2:

Take a black liquid eyeliner of your choice and start drawing a very thin line by tracing the spoon at the outermost corner of your eyes. Place your tiny finger on the cheek area to get a steady hand. Avoid mistakes.

Step 3:

Now, place the spoon at the outermost end of the line drawn in the earlier step to the two thirds of your eyelid area.

Step 4:

Hold the spoon gently with your left hand and take the liquid eyeliner brush and draw a line by connecting the outer line of the eyeliner towards the center of the eyelids. In simple words, after placing the spoon as mentioned in step 3, just follow the shape of the spoon, which will act as a guideline. This will create a triangular end at the outermost corner of your eyes.

Step 5:

Now, comes the easy part of the eye makeup. Start by filling in the triangular shape created in the previous step. Slowly fill the triangle with short strokes, if the liquid eyeliner doesn’t have good pigmentation, it is best to layer the product at least 2 times to get good color intensity.

Step 6:

Now, follow the natural shape of the eye from the innermost corner to the outermost end to complete the eyeliner look. You can tweak the thickness of the eyeliner if you want a thick, thin or moderate line depending upon your preferences. I like to create a thicker line for a dramatic look.

To finish it, curl your eye lashes and get the classic winged eyeliner look! No more spending hours to get the lines right. With this neat trick, you will get the look right at the first try itself! Try it to believe it!

Hack To Get Winged Eye Liner In Seconds!

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Become your own makeup expert with these simple tricks. And you can teach this trick to your friends and earn some bragging rights!

Do you like the winged eye look? How do you get it right? Do you have a special trick up your sleeve? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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