Creative Nail Art Tutorial – With Detailed Steps And Pictures May 27, 2016

If there is anything that is setting trends and provoking even the simplest of individuals to turn fashionable, it is nail art. And there is no doubt about that.

Though it sounds too easy, nail art does involve a lot of artistry and creativity. It’s basically a way of expressing oneself and one’s ideas in the form of designs and art on the fingernails.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? So here you go – two of the most creative nail art designs for this Christmas!

Creative Nail Art Designs

1. Christmas Noir

The black color depicts the joyful night of celebration when the entire city comes together to celebrate Christmas. And white symbolizes the wintry snow, the season when Christmas is celebrated the world over.

You Will Need

  • Nude base coat
  • White nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • Scotch tape
  • Top coat
  • Thin nail art brush
Step 1

Firstly, apply the nude base coat. This is an important step as it helps in ensuring the nail polish stays and doesn’t pop.

Now apply white nail polish on the nails of the thumb, little, and middle fingers. Remember to coat only half of the nail of the middle finger. The nails of the index and ring fingers must be left blank.

Step 2

With the help of a scotch tape, make creative designs on the nails (except for that of the middle finger) using black nail polish. You can place the scotch tape (in a slant manner) on the nails painted with white polish, and paint the uncovered regions with the black nail polish. This will help you create interesting designs and patterns.

Once done, apply a top coat to seal the art you had just created.

Let the color dry for a few minutes.

2. Santa’s Elves

The holiday season is all about spreading joy. Be Santa’s little helper and bring some cheer to your fellow nail art enthusiasts by trying out this adorable design.

You Will Need

  • Nude base coat
  • Green nail polish
  • A few silver strips
  • A thin nail art brush
Step 1

Again, you can start by applying a nude base coat.

Now using a thin nail art brush, apply a coat of green nail polish on all the fingernails. You can double coat the nail polish in case you want a darker shade of the color.

Wait for a few minutes for the nail polish to dry.

Step 2

Stick thin silver strips on the nails of the middle and ring fingers. Make sure the strips are placed at the center of the nails, and that there is equal distance between them. This makes them look elegant.

Step 3

Using the rear end of a toothpick, make polka dots on the nails of the small and index fingers (this would create bigger dots). For smaller dots, you can use the sharp end of the toothpick.

You can experiment with the polka dot designs. You can either have a combination of small and big dots on each of the fingernails, or have big dots on the index finger and small dots on the little finger. Finally you can apply a top coat to seal your art.

We all know that festivals unite us and make our lives more joyful. With these nail art ideas, make your Christmas celebrations more memorable. Also, tell us how you have liked this post. Do comment in the box given below.

Happy designing! And a Merry Christmas!

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