Well!!! This article surely takes me back to my childhood days. I remember (as am sure most of you can too relate to your childhood days) how my mom loved to style my head with cute little flower stuck hair bands and small little funky clips and so on!!! Oily or non oily, hair decking up has always brought in smiles for the tiny tots.

And I am sure working on cute hairstyles for your young babies must have been/ or must be great fun for you too! I know how happy a mother is when she knows that her little naughty baby is best dressed, sporting best hair styles and accessories.

Girls love to accessories themselves with everything perfect including clothes, hair accessories and shoes.

So for now lets look below for some cute girls hairstyles as they are of high priority in the dress up list for girls:

I never liked braided art for my hair as a little girl as they were so boring back then, but today you can give a lot of cool braided hairstyles for your little girl.

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Here are a few hairstyles for girls for schools, and also for parties and outings:

Style 1:


Image: Getty

See this one is so simple yet looks good enough with a big flower. I am sure your girl will love it with the flower power!

Style 2:


Image: Getty

You can try this side to side complicated braid too, looks real good I must say! Jazz it up with some hair accessories!

Style 3:


Image: Getty

Another braided style, one of the cute girl hairstyles, from one side and then tied to the pony as a band. Looks good, right?

Style 4:


Image: Shutterstock

You can do the above style also, keeping hair simple at the front and doing double triple and multiple knotting with stylish bands. This is one of the stylish cute girls hairstyle I must say.

Style 5:


Image: Getty

You can give this style a try too for your little princess. Multiple knotting in parallel at the back and at the front a side sweeping of hair. Leave some hairs loose at the back too as its a nice hairstyles for girls!

Style 6:


Image: Shutterstock

You can try out this cute curly hairstyle for your girl with the sectioning pony style. Give it some non heat roller curling , if needed. Or roll using strong hold gel and a pencil. All you need to do is curl your little ones hair nicely and then begin sectioning the hair. Put the sections up as ponytails and your done!

Style 7:


Image: Shutterstock

Hair bows and bands never go out of fashion; these days even the bigger girls like us have a long standing love affair with them! They are a great trend for short cute hairstyles for girls. Give them some big flowery bands to flaunt away.

Style 8:


Image: Shutterstock

For a birthday party go for a full curled look, Use a hot curler, because without that this look is impossible to get !This is one of the beautiful hairstyles for girls as it is a cute long hairstyle which is apt for girls with long hair. But keep in mind that this is a once in a while style! You don’t want to be using too much of heat your young ones tendering hair.

Style 9:


Image: Shutterstock

Simple and side twisted, perfect for your school going stylish little girl too! Give it a try! It can be sported in the school, picnics, family lunches and dinners and outing with friends!!!

Style 10:


Image: Getty

If your little ones hair is not very long or not very short, you could try this cute medium length hairstyle for your girl.This one i am sure u can figure the trick out for. This looks good and is simple too. I feel like doing this for my own hair too as it gets the funky and child like feeling to me as well!!!

You possibly could use a lot of accessories like playful bobby pins on your daughters hair!!! The market is huge enough to offer you pins and clips in all animated options including stars, moons, flowers, barbies, pokemons, glitters and other colorful fancies.

You can also purchase colorful and clip based rubber bands to tie the hair into braids and ponytails.

So next time you when you getting your little ones prettily dressed up, keep in mind to give these cute girls hairstyles a try!

I hope this article on hairstyles for cute little girls aged 10-12 helps you make your daughter look great.

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  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/nehaa/ nehaa

    i love the little girl hairstyles!My sis have a 5 year old Baby getting ready to be 6, and i’ve been cornrowing her hair but ive ran out of creative ideas…your Article helpfull for me! Thanks for the ideas.

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/zinniamukherjee/ Zinnia

      thanks to u too for the lovely comment :)

  • Asra

    Nice post.. These cute hairstyles are definitely going to help me dress my 3 years old daughter.. Thnks a lot Style Craze.. dint know you would help us do some creative stuff for kids too..:)

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/zinniamukherjee/ Zinnia

      thank u Asra :)

  • Harinni

    Hey super cool styles.. can we also try them otherwise? styles 3, 8 and 9 dont even look like they are for only young girls.. heheh.. i wish to try them too..:D

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/zinniamukherjee/ Zinnia

      thank u for ur comment Harinni :) if u can make them ;) then can try these hairstyles on ur hair too :v :D

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/deepakshi/ Deepakshi

    These are so pretty zinnia:)

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/zinniamukherjee/ Zinnia

      hehe :D anyone can give these hairstyles a try i guess :P not just kids :D hehe thanks for ur sweet comment Deepakshi :) hugs <3 <3

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/eshani/ Eshani

    Oh my little princess would love these! She is already so particular on her hair styles and she just loves to keep her hair long and braided. These styles are so perfect as they are damn pretty and also easy for me to maintain them! Thanks zinnia!

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/zinniamukherjee/ Zinnia

      thanks u Eshani :) hugs

  • Madison Wade

    I’d rather have a little girl have a hair cut like their favorite song wrighter