Cystic Acne – What Is It And How To Cure It August 8, 2016

When was the last time you saw yourself in the mirror and hated that horrible acne? If it’s not very long ago, and if it’s cystic acne you are suffering from, then this post is the one you should be reading!

Cystic acne has been described as untreatable, and it usually does not subside despite medication. Antibiotics can help reduce inflammation and swelling, but the acne develops resistance to these antibiotics in a few years.

So does that mean you will have to live with cystic acne all your life? Maybe not! Because there are certain home remedies for cystic acne that you should check out. Wondering what they are? Read on and find out!

What Is Cystic Acne?

Cystic acne or nodulocystic acne is the worst form of acne vulgaris. Red and deep inflamed breakouts are the characteristic features of this type of acne. The blemishes they leave behind are intense too. They can develop on the face as well as the body.

The cysts are usually filled with pus and are painful. They take anywhere from a week to 15 days to reduce with proper medication.

Who Gets Cystic Acne?

This acne can affect anybody, more of teenagers as the hormones are in the transition stage in this age.

Why Cystic Acne?

Cystic acne is mainly caused by the following three reasons –

  1. Clogged pores – pores clogged with dead cells and impurities.
  2. Overactive oil glands – secretion of sebum in increased state will affect these clogged pores and initiate the trapping of more dirt.
  3. The presence of acne causing bacteria – propionibacteria acnes.

As per popular belief, acne isn’t caused by lack of personal hygiene. In fact, people who suffer from acne take great care to keep their skin clean and away from dirt than others in an attempt to curb acne.

Also, diet isn’t really a source or concern. But dairy products might be a cause trouble as the farm animals are usually injected with hormones to up the milk production and these hormones might aggravate acne.

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Home Remedies For Cystic Acne – Top 10

Control your cystic acne with some very effective natural home practices.

1. Egg White Mask

The efficacy of eggs in treating hair and skin is unparalleled. Egg whites are the best home remedy for cystic acne. Work the egg white evenly over the affected area for around 10 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. Egg whites contain riboflavin and proteins that are good for the skin and are effective in reducing cystic acne (1).

2. Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda has many antibacterial and antiseptic properties. In fact, these properties make it an effective cure for cystic acne. To make a baking soda home remedy, take two spoons of baking soda and add a little water. Mix the concoction until it forms a thin paste. Apply the paste evenly over the affected area and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Baking soda kills acne causing bacteria, reduces the oiliness of your skin and makes the skin glow (2).

3. Tea Tree Oil

It may be surprising to note that oil can help clear acne, when oily skin is usually the main reason for cystic acne. Tea tree oil is an effective antiseptic, and it is an ancient remedy, which has been used to treat many skin diseases. It is equally effective in dealing with cystic acne. Add one tablespoon of tea tree oil in 9-10 tablespoons of water and spread the solution evenly over the affected areas. Rinse off in around 10 minutes (3).

4. Clay Mask

A natural clay mask is one of the best remedies for cystic acne. An effective exfoliating agent, the clay mask removes excess oil from the skin. It eliminates dead cells and makes your skin look cleaner and younger. Use this treatment once or twice in a week for desired results.

5. Toothpaste

Remember those camping trips when we chucked toothpaste all over our friends. As much fun as it was, toothpaste is an effective cure for cystic acne. Toothpastes, with their alcohol and fluoride content, dry pores and kill bacteria. Apply toothpaste to the affected area and leave it for around 15 minutes, to let it enter the skin.

6. Facial Sauna

Steaming the face acts as a great cleanser. It deep cleans the face and drains cystic acne. The process opens the pores and eliminates dirt and grime, embedded in the skin. You can either visit a professional sauna or use a bowl of hot water. Wrap a towel around your head and lean over the bowl. For best results, do this tri-weekly for 10 minutes a day (5).

7. Coconut Oil Mask

Coconut oil is an effective hydrating agent. Elle magazine recommends coconut oil as an effective treatment for cystic acne. Unprocessed and unrefined coconut oil has antibacterial characteristics. Take a spoonful of coconut oil and massage it on the affected area. You will find the acne is less red than earlier (6).

8. Aspirin Mask

This is perhaps the only home remedy to feature a medicine. As the name suggests, the aspirin mask is made up of aspirin pills. Take some aspirin pills and crush them to a powder. Add a little water to the powder and work into a runny paste. Apply this paste over the affected area. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water (7).

9. Honey Mask

The benefits of honey cannot be determined. Its medicinal value is tremendous. Honey is also effective in dealing with cystic acne. It acts as a brilliant exfoliating agent and is a natural antiseptic. Honey helps reduce inflammation and redness, remove dead cells, and kill bacteria. Apply the honey evenly over the affected area and leave it on for 15 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water (8).

10. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

ACV or apple cider vinegar is an effective treatment for warts, acne, pimples, and other skin afflictions. It regulates the natural pH levels of the skin to clear the cystic acne. It prevents future outbreaks as well. Add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to a cotton ball and apply to the affected areas. Leave it on overnight. Rinse it off with water for cleaner and healthier looking skin. A few weeks of ACV helps clear cystic acne (9).

Cystic Acne Chemical Treatment

People with cystic acne require a careful skin care regime to combat two things – get rid of the scarring and prevent new acne breakout as much as you can. And this, my friend, cannot be achieved over the counter. You need a derma prescribed arsenal full of oral and topical treatments.

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The dermatologists usually prescribe –

  1. Retinoids
  2. Oral antibiotics
  3. Accutane
  4. Oral contraceptives – for women
  5. Surgical excision and drainage – involve cleaning the cysts with an injection to bring the pus out (a very painful procedure)
  6. Laser treatment


  • Use products formulated for acne control. Products that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide are usually known to zap acne.
  • Always make sure you use fresh laundry to wipe your face.
  • Change pillow covers every day.
  • Don’t share your makeup and makeup tools with anybody.
  • Don’t pick on your skin or touch it unnecessarily.
  • Use a hand sanitizer.
  • Use blotting papers and cleanser pads.
  • Make sure your cosmetics are not triggering your acne.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Exercise regularly.

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These simple yet effective tips are handy in controlling cystic acne. Use the top 10 home remedies for cystic acne and get rid of them easily at home.

Let us know if we missed something. Share your thoughts. Leave a comment below.

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