10 Dangerous Side Effects Of Ginger May 1, 2017

Ginger is known as one of the fieriest roots. It has spicy as well as medicinal properties. It has a pungent smell and is used to make juice and many Asian and European cuisines. Ginger is also a very popular Ayurveda herb known to treat many common ailments, such as chest pain, morning sickness, low back pain and stomach pain. Ginger is also used to cure sunburns. Though ginger has so many health benefits, there are also few side effects of ginger.

Top 10 Side Effects Of Ginger Root:

Listed below are the possible ginger side effects:

1. Gastrointestinal Problems:

Ginger is known to soothe many minor ailments, but if taken in a large quantity can cause severe gastrointestinal symptoms, such as heartburn, diarrhea, stomach problems, irritation in the mouth and severe belching.

2. Thinning Of Blood:

Ginger is known to have similar effects like aspirin. It can cause the slowing down of blood clotting and can cause the thinning of blood. This is one of the side effects of ginger, that can be dangerous to patients who are already on medication that prevents clotting of blood.

3. Allergic Reactions:

It has been reported that ginger can cause severe allergic reactions, such as difficulty in breathing, closing of the throat, swelling of the lips, tongue, itchy rash or hives. In such cases one should immediately stop the consumption of ginger and consult a physician.

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4. Dry Scaly Rashes:

The prolonged use of ginger may lead to dry and scaly rashes, which tend to develop initially on a person’s face.

5. Visual Sensitivity:

The consumption of ginger is also known to cause visual sensitivity to bright light. This fact is still under scientific observations. People who tend to display such symptoms are immediately asked to stop the intake of ginger in any form.

6. Uterine Contractions:

Herbs are natural, but not all herbal products are safe for women. The FDA has asked pregnant women to avoid herbal products without talking to their health care provider. Ginger is one of the few drugs, which have a contraindication in pregnancy. Pregnant women are asked to avoid ginger as it is known to cause severe uterine contractions.

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7. Heart Conditions:

High doses of ginger might cause heart palpitation, one of the dreadful side effects of ginger. It has been observed in scientific studies that ginger is a key ingredient of the carbonated beverages ginger ale. Consumption of ginger in this form may trigger an arrhythmia, if consumed in high doses.

8. Interaction With Anesthesia:

Ginger is known to react with anesthetic agents used in surgery. This can cause an adverse reaction which results in bleeding and slowed healing. It is recommended by most surgeons and anesthesiologists to remove ginger from the diets of the patient, a week before the surgery is scheduled.

9. Killing A Good Night’s Sleep:

Ginger Tea is an infusion made by boiling the herb. This tea is soothing if taken in small measures. However, if more than five cups of tea are consumed, it can cause headache, vomiting, diarrhea, confusion, racing heartbeat, heartburn and sleeplessness.

10. Ginger Tea And Gallstones:

Ginger is known to increase the secretion of bile. Patients who are suffering from gall bladder diseases are usually advised by their doctor to avoid consumption of ginger in any form. Too much consumption of ginger can actually lead to a gallbladder attack. Drinking of ginger ale also has an adverse effect on people who are affected by gallstones as it can cause them severe pain.

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