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Top 5 Deodorants For Sensitive Skin

Top 5 Deodorants For Sensitive Skin November 2, 2017

Sensitive skin needs to be handled with care:

Those who have this type of skin should avoid using harsh chemicals at all costs. Finding a deodorant that is not irritating and will also be good at keeping odour at bay can be quite a task. Fortunately, there is a variety of deodorants in the market today that come in many different forms and type.

These can be categorized as:

  • male or female requirements
  • those that work especially well during sun exposure
  • sports deodorants that are created for outdoor physical events
  • for sensitive skin
  • for skin that is prone to breakouts and many more

Not just the use, but deodorants also come in various forms.

The most common forms found in India are:

  • Body spray deodorants in – ones that can only be worn directly on the skin
  • Clothes spray deodorants – ones that can be worn over your clothes
  • Stick form
  • Stick form in gel
  • Cream form

Selecting the deodorant that will perfect for you

There are so many deodorants out there that selecting the right one can be quite a task. All these products promise to give the best results. You may need some of those while some you can easily skip. Understanding what you are looking at from the product is the easiest way to find the right match.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while selecting a deodorant that will work best for you:

1. How much you sweat:

Some people sweat throughout their entire body, while some sweat only in the face and neck area. Some may sweat a noticeable lot, while some sweat moderately. Check how much you sweat on a general basis.

2. Carrying the deodorant with you:

For those of you who need to reapply the deodorant in the day, a good idea may be carrying a roll on deodorant. These come in small travel easy packs and can be applied easily.

3. Skin or clothes:

Applying a skin only deodorant is a good idea when you are wearing clothes that allow easy access. For other times, regular deodorants are a better bet that can be sprayed directly on to the clothes.

4. Patch test:

Many deodorants can end up causing rashes and breakouts. Always go for a patch test. Alternatively, you can buy a small sample size of deodorant and check it out first.

Deodorants good for sensitive skin:

1. Nivea Sensitive Protect:

Nivea is an international brand that is renowned for its skin care products. Their deodorants are especially good, as they cater to a wide range of skin types. Also, these deodorants have a long staying power and are supposedly not harmful for the skin.

  • Have a soft and barely there smell
  • These are gentle on the skin and will not cause any breakouts
  • Keep the area under the arms dry for hours at a stretch
  • Unlike many other deodorants, this does not flake off
  • Keeps you smelling fresh and sweat free

2. Dove Sensitive Skin:

Dove is another great brand that is known for being great on the skin.

  • Makes your skin feel silky smooth
  • Works for long hours
  • Makes you feel fresh the whole day
  • Fragrance free, hence will not irritate your senses, while keeping you fresh

3. BiodermaCrealineDeo Anti transpiration Spray Sensitive Skin:

As the name suggests, this is a brand that specially creates products for those with a sensitive skin type.

  • It is pleasingly scented
  • This deodorant contains no alcohol, hence is super gentle on the skin
  • Does not leave behind any white trace after application. Can be easily worn on bare skin.

4. Vichy 24Hr Deodorant Care Stick for Sensitive Skin:

Vichy is also known to create products for skin that is sensitive.

  • The deodorant does not leave behind any white marks on the skin
  • It is alcohol free, hence extra gentle on the skin
  • Has no fragrance. Will not cause any irritation for those who do not like any fragrance in their products
  • The product comes enriched with skin conditioners to help make the skin feel smooth
  • This is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin

5. Adidas Action 3 For Sensitive Skin:

Adidas is known all over the world as a reputed sports brand. Their products are known to be of top notch quality. These deodorants are specifically targeted for those who spend hours in the sun or engage in physically stressing tasks.

  • This deodorant keeps you feeling fresh for long
  • It stays on for 24 hours
  • The deodorant contains aloe vera which is very soothing for the skin
  • The product absorbs all the sweat from the skin, keeping you sweat free

Using a deodorant may seem a fairly simple and mundane task. In reality, wearing the wrong deodorant can cause severe skin problems. The skin where the product is applied can turn black, you can experience breakouts, and in some cases, one can even experience more serious skin problems.

Understand your needs and your skin type and choose the product with care. Do let us know which your favourite deodorant is this summer.

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