Determine your skin type May 13, 2015

Having known the different types of skin in general, let us now concentrate on the concerns which affects our skin.

How to find your skin type?

Figure out what suits or skin and avoid stuff that doesn’t suit. But how to find your skin type? The following explains in depth to recognize your skin type. A patch test is always advisable. And do avoid changing products way too often as that tends decrease your skins resistance to products. This can also cause sensitivity.

Sensitive Skin:

This is an issue all of us face. But what exactly is sensitive skin? Does your skin get red and itchy often or does it react to pretty much any and every product you use? An allergy to something in a product or on consumption is something every human being faces so in that case all of us would have sensitive skin!

Dark and Dull Skin:

Countless people complain that their skin is dull and looks tired all the time. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin or even any other skin type, your skin can look dull because of the lack of hydration.

Lack of moisture is the first reason that your skin turns dark and dull. So, if you are one of the people in that lot, drink loads of water and eat hydrating fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, green leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce, cabbages, celery among others) which have a lot of water content, cucumber and family, green chillies, kiwis and watermelon and a lot of herbal teas. These add water to your skin from the inside which is more useful than drinking water.

Cut down on alcohol, coffee, tea, soft and hard drinks, salt and sugar to avoid dehydration. And, of course, a good moisturizer which can stay up to 5-6 hours can prevent dark and dull skin. Use blotting tissues to remove oil from the skin as excess of oil/sebum also makes the skin look dull.

Breakout-prone Skin:

This is a major concern than the above-identified problems and harder to deal with. Any type of skin can be borne down with pimples and acne and it is not easy to identify why or how to treat them.

Generally, stress is a major cause if you are talking about acne but some people have acne-prone skin which can also occur due to the hormonal problems or during the change of age like entering the teens, becoming an adult, marriage, pregnancy, PMS or any emotional problem to speak of a few. So, if these are what you are suffering from then you can just layoff and give your skin a rest because there is nothing you can do about it.

Otherwise, regular exercise, proper sleep and diet should take care of your breakouts. And, if not, you should definitely consult a dermatologist to get to the root cause of the problem and try to find a solution. Here is how to find the skin type.

Another problem with the breakout prone skin is the post-breakout scars. Medicated creams are great at dealing with scars if a dermatologist has prescribed them but if you talk about home remedies, not all work and they do not show results immediately either which causes a person to panic and creates stress which can end in a vicious never-ending cycle of breakouts. So, take care that you are not unnecessarily harming your skin thinking about something which you can’t control. Prescription medicinal products from a good dermatologist are very helpful for this skin type.