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Different Hair Problems And Home Remedies To Tackle Them

Different Hair Problems And Home Remedies To Tackle Them September 29, 2017

God, beauty concerns are so many! The list just seems endless, but most have a solution. The most frustrating are the ones that seem to have no tangible solution, that is if you are looking in the wrong places. You have everything you need to turn your hair problems around. All you need to do is follow these simple home remedies that you can make out of ingredients that are already in your kitchen.

Here is a list of a few of those hair problems in women.

1. Hair Fall

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Now here is a hair problem that we all dread! And Cross our fingers and pray never happens to us. We can never know why exactly the hair fall started. We all make a number of educated guesses but do they in anyway direct us to the right cause? We will never know. And can we hope to find a solution when don’t even know what causes the problem. No. which leads to a vicious cycle of stress that only adds to the problem.

Remedy: Massage your scalp with warm oil to stimulate blood flow which will encourage hair growth. Sesame seed oil is known to stop hair fall. Brush your hair before you sleep at night to remove the tangles from your hair.

2. Unwanted Hair Growth

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If hair fall is the problem for some, then for some it is the growth of hair in abundance but at the most uncalled of places. Facial hair, body hair. Oh god. It’s such a nightmare!

Remedy: Turmeric is an ingredient that is often used by women in India to reduce body hair. Apply a paste of turmeric and water to your body and leave it on for 30 minutes after which you must rinse it off with water. Do not use soap. Repeat this method at least twice a month to see results.

3. Graying Hair

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This is one thing that always comes up with age, and we can’t do anything about it. But isn’t it a little embarrassing when for some unexplainable genetic reasons it pops up during the younger days itself? But the question is still the same? What can we possibly do about it other than color our hair? Another in the list hair problems that just frustrates us!

Remedy: Ingredients such as Amla and Sesame seed oil and known for their properties that help prevent graying. You can mix amla with henna and apply it to your hair for amazing results.

4. Bad Hair Condition

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This is one condition we wish had a more permanent solution. We all know and use techniques to keep our hair well-conditioned, but most of them are so very time-consuming and tiring with a need for repeated upkeep. We miss out on it once, and our hair goes back to looking and feeling like a broomstick.

Remedy: Do not wash hair with hot water. Always use cold water or water that is at room temperature. Dry and frizzy hair when you walk out of the shower is an indication that the water was too hot for your hair.

5. Hair Color Changes

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Once you color your hair, there is no going back. Frequent recoloring and caring become a part of your life. But then for how long can you stay with the same boring color too? If only there were a way we could make the color changes more permanent!

Remedy: Mashed bananas make a perfect hair mask for color treated hair. They restore moisture and add shine to your hair.

6. Thinning Hair

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Here is another trouble that threatens to come closer and closer with age. The older you get, the lesser the thickness of your hair becomes. We spend half our lives caring for this, and we still end up losing most of our hair to hair thinning. If only there were a way to regrow hair as you age.

Remedy: Workout. Yes, you read that right. Exercise increases the blood circulation through the body that therefore helps in stimulation of the scalp.

7. Frizz

Unruly hair! It so happens that there will always come a few moments in our life when our hair seems to have a mind of its own, and it just won’t listen to us. It will frizz no matter how important the day is and look like a mess. Just a small miss of that frizz care products and your hair jumps on that chance for revenge. There are a number of products in the market for this, but a more permanent solution will be welcome any day.

Remedy: Control your frizzy, unmanageable hair with coconut oil. Take a few drops of coconut oil. Rub it between the palms of your hand and apply it along the length of your hair. Do not use too much oil. Otherwise, your hair may end up looking greasy.

8. Loss Of Shine

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Dull hair is a complaint that all women have. All this pollution and stress, how much can anyone’s hair take? So it slowly will lose its shine. But what if there was a way which on a more permanent path gave us a solution, other than our shampoos and other hair care products?

Remedy: For a naturally beautiful hair, massage your hair with hot oil (coconut, olive, almond or castor oil). Wrap your head with a hot towel for a while. Either keep it overnight or wash it off with warm water.

Additional Tips

  • Try honey to add shine to your dry and dull hair. Mix 3 tbsp. of honey with 1 pint of water and rub it onto hair and scalp and leave for 20 minutes (cover with a shower cap). Rinse it thoroughly with cool water and blow dry on medium high. Use this once a week to add shine and volume to your hair.
  • Lemon is a very effective natural ingredient which works for various hair problems.
  • Do you suffer from dandruff? Use lemon to get rid of this never-ending problem. Mix a few tablespoons of fresh lemon with warm olive oil and rub gently on the scalp. Allow to remain for 15 minutes, then shampoo and rinse as usual.
  • Lemon also acts as a conditioner to our otherwise unhealthy hair. Mix the freshly squeezed juice of one lemon with one cup warm water and apply to hair. Allow to remain for a few minutes and then rinse. This will add fresh bounce and shine.
  • Lemon hair spray gives an instant shine and bounce to your hair. Boil slices of 2-4 lemons in water. Let it simmer for fifteen minutes till half of the water has evaporated. Strain the liquid and add some drops of essential oil. Pour this in a spray bottle and keep refrigerated. Now spray this on your hair as and when needed to get a quick volume and glossiness to your hair.
  • Lemon, when mixed with egg and honey, can be used as a hair pack. Mix 1 Egg, 2 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp olive oil (or any hair oil of your choice) and a few drops of essential oil and apply on your hair. Follow up shampooing with lukewarm water. End with a cold water rinse. This is an effective hair treatment for all hair types.

Have you suffered from any of these problems before? What worked for you? Let us know in the comments section below.


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