DIY – Amazingly Effective Multi Grain Face And Body Scrub July 30, 2015

Dead skin? Black heads? Ingrown hair? One solution for all these skin problems is scrubbing. We have shared with you a number of face as well as body scrub recipes. Most of them comprised of 2 or 3 ingredients. This time I bring to you 6 ingredients in a ‘two-in one’ face and body scrub and all of them are kitchen grains.

Grain Face And Body Scrub (13) Pinit

Required Things:

For now be ready to jot down the ingredient list for an amazing grain face and body scrub:

  • Black sesame seed powder
  • Oats powder
  • Black gram powder
  • Mung bean powder
  • Rice powder
  • Gram powder
  • Milk or rose water depending on your skin type.
  • Container to mix in

What Do You Need to Do Now?

1. First take black sesame seed powder in the bowl. Quantity of the grains should be equal. Depending on your requirement (face and neck or complete body) add half or one teaspoon of each in the bowl. I added these grains in no particular order.

My black sesame seeds are not finely powdered. I kept them coarse to offer roughness to my scrub.

2. Next add mung bean powder. This again is coarse for the same reason. All of the remaining grains are finely powdered. If you wish to have a harsh scrub for areas like elbow or feet, you may keep all the grains coarse.

3. Oats are an essential ingredient in any scrub. They aid in exfoliating the dead skin and clarify the skin, making it fairer. So my third ingredient here is oats powder.

4. Next grain on the list is black gram known as urad dal in Hindi. This is finely powdered as you can see in the picture and does not really remain black after being powdered.

5. Next is yellow gram flour (chana dal). The quantity remains the same.

6. Next is my favorite ingredient. Brownie points for the right guess! Yes, it’s rice powder.

7. Done with your counting? Yes, we have got all the six grains in the bowl now.

8. Mix them up nicely because we have added fine and coarse powders together and they are yet to get uniformly mixed.

9. This is how the mixed powder looks.

10. Now, I prefer using this scrub with milk because that gives my body an added touch of moisture. For reference, my body has normal skin in summers. Those of you with dry skin may add yoghurt or milk and honey both. Damsels with oily skin may simply add rose water.

11. Mix again to get a uniform thick paste.

12. This is the mixed thick paste. You may make it a bit thinner, but this is how I prefer my body scrub to be.

13. This is how it looks on my skin.

What It Does For Your Skin?

After you use the scrub, you will get the following effects on your skin:

  • It removes all the dead skin and dust from the skin.
  • It provides proper nourishment to the skin and makes it glow with regular usage.
  • Ingrown hair problem can be taken care of with its regular usage.
  • This offers a complete and whole-body nourishing scrub.

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We have come to terms with using multigrain flour for making our daily breads because it gives the benefits of all the grains together. Same implies here in this scrub as well. This multigrain scrub has the added advantage of all the grains in one recipe.

Why spend money on store bought products when you can prepare your very own scrub at home? Not only this scrub is easy on the pocket but is completely free of side effects. So, give it a try and don’t forget to come back and share your experience with us!

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    hai my full hands had became tan and rough.. as well as foots also any remedies pls