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DIY – Foot Scrub

DIY – Foot Scrub March 16, 2018

Summer is here. The beach, the pool, the picnics and not to mention the long drives to the middle of nowhere await you. Time to ramp up the style! Pull out the short shorts and tiny skirts. Team them up with those beloved flip flops and sandals.

Did the harsh winter leave back ugly cracked heels? Never fear, Style craze is here to save the day .We have some home remedies for you which will make you look and feel like a diva.

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Cracked feet occur due to dryness and dirt. The fissures become longer and rougher over time.Its best to start early and opt for treatments to reduce the fissures.Going to parlours for pedicures and manicures may seem like a costly affair when the same results can be achievable at home.

Why a Homemadescrub?

  • Homemade scrubs are economical
  • They are free from chemicals and preservatives
  • You control the quality of ingredients
  • It is fun doing a foot scrub DIY at home with all the natural ingredients and store it and use it when required.

DIY Foot Scrub

You need

  • 1 A bowl
  • 2 A spoon to mix
  • 3 A jar to store the foot scrubs

Ingredients used

  • 1 White sugar – 1 cup
  • 2 Baking soda- 2 tsp
  • 3 Olive oil – 2 tsp
  • 4 Honey- 2 tsp


  • Jojoba oil – 1 tsp
  • Essential oil- A few drops


  • Add white sugar in a bowl. Sugar is used as the base for this scrub. It is an exfoliant,
  • Next add olive oil and mix well with a spoon, avoid using hands Olive oil is an excellent moisturiser. It washes off clean without leaving any trace of oiliness.
  • Then add baking soda and mix again.Baking soda is a natural exfoliant and cleanses the skin. It maintains the Ph balance of the skin to ensure moisturisation.
  • Drizzle in the honey. Blend till all the lumps are removed. Honey is anti-ageing and nourishes dry parched skin.
  • You may add jojoba oil and essential oil to give the scrub a nice fragrance Voila, the foot scrub is ready. Store it in a jar in a cool dry place. The mix should last you for 2 weeks

How to use

  • Use this scrub before or while taking a shower
  • Massage in circular motion and concentrate on the rough spots.
  • Once you rinse your feet, your feet will remain moisturized because of the oil .
  • This scrub can be used on hands as well.

This scrub will leave your hands and feet feeling smooth and nourished. Constant application can really make a difference. You may also make use of a pumice stone to buff out the fissures.The pumice stone removes dead skin cells for deeper penetration of moisture.

After using this scrub you can apply moisturiser on your feet and apply vaseline on top of that. To get maximum benefit wear socks to seal in the moisture. You can do this at night time.This routine of scrubbing and moisturising will surely lead you to silky soft feet and hands.

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Remember to give your feet a good scrub every day and you will have youthful soft skin. A rocking pedicure will just make you stand out in a crowd.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s the time to disco

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