Top 10 DIY Home Spa Tips June 24, 2016

Is spa really relaxing, effective and beneficial? The word spa is directly linked with the medication of water which in other words is also known to be balneotherapy. There are many medications and there are various resorts and places which offer such luxuries and hot springs facilities. These medicational services are very popular, but it is very famous in countries like Eurasia, Japan. The spas depend entirely on the types of skin people possess.

Few Tips for Spa at Home:

1. Firstly, the aroma creates the environment and makes you feel happy. Roses are very helpful in creating a constriction towards the tissues of the body and a toner can be prepared. The leaves of the petals can be put into the hot water and kept aside. Once it has cooled down, the liquid should be sieved and the petals should be freezed in a jar. You should inhale the aroma of the rose leaves.

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2. When the epidermis tends to get chipped off, a moisture absorbent mask should be prepared. The pack can be prepared by blending cream, curd, sweetener, aloe vera etc. and applied over the face for a span of few minutes. This pack makes the face look shiny and fresh.

3. Before a shower, the cream or the lotion should be placed over a heater to make it warm. After a warm shower, it is very effective and beneficial to apply hot lotion.

4. Women having frizzy and dry hair should apply warm coconut oil since it provides a proper conditioning and moisturization. The oil helps in enhancing the growth and making the hair lustrous.

5. A praline scrub can be prepared which helps to flake off and is very helpful for dry skin. The residue can be applied over the body in a circular motion and after the application is over, it should be rinsed off. Once the shower is over, the body turns out to be very smooth.

6. An application of lemon over the knees and the hands helps the darkened areas to lighten up and also the areas get softened up.

7. The leisure of sauna can be availed by leaving the shower open at the highest degree for a span of thirty minutes. Once the steam has taken place, simultaneously a cloth soaked in warm water should be taken. The cloth should be sprinkled with the oil which provides relaxation and removes stress of an individual. At the end, the individual should go for a shower and along with that the cloth should be placed over the face to inhale the fresh aroma. It provides relaxation and helps to get away with sinus problems.

8. The same environment can be created to get the exact feeling of the spa. The bathroom lights can be turned off and it should be turned into a dark room. The curtains should be drawn and a humidifier should be turned on. A candle with a nice and soothing aroma should be lit inside the bathroom and drops of distressing oils can be put into the bath tub.

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9. To attain and revive the healthy skin, few spoons of oil extracted from extra-virgin olives should be applied over the face and the neck area. The oil should be rubbed properly to derive the benefits and if sipped after food, it helps in increasing the immunity system.

10. Few ingredients like cream, oil from tea tree leaves, olives and lavender should be crushed and blended in a mixer. The mixture should be applied all over the hands and warmth should be provided. The warmth provided helps the mixture to penetrate and soften the hands.

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Hope you enjoyed reading this article and got to know all the simple home spa ideas. Now you will surely make your home spa, Isn’t it?  Please leave us a comment.

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