DIY – How To Make Your Own Makeup Brush Storage Roll Easily At Home? January 31, 2017

Do you love applying makeup, but when it comes to organizing, you really want to run away? Every morning, with the clock ticking away, you scramble to find your makeup accessories and vow to get a bit more organized, but then you forget all about it. Sound’s familiar? So, now you definitely need a hand to organize your things better.

And what better place to learn about makeup organization than at SyleCraze? Get ready to learn a super quick DIY on how to make your own makeup brush storage roll easily at home. I am sure your mind will be blown by this easy, yet effective storage for your makeup brushes. Now, you can store all your favorite makeup brushes in an organized manner.

Required Products:

Grab these essentials listed below and let’s get started to make your own makeup brush storage roll.

  • Felt or thick leather
  • Cutter
  • Ribbon
  • Makeup brushes
  • Pencil

How To Make Makeup Brush Storage Case At Home?

Let’s learn the steps to make the makeup brush storage case at home:

Step 1:

Start with a clean workplace. Lay down all your favorite makeup brushes, which you would like to store in the roll on your felt sheet. You can even decorate the felt sheet with some embroidery, or stick some flowers or any embellishments of your choice. But, as I like to keep things simple, I went ahead with this plain bright green colored felt sheet. The felt sheet should be at least 2mm to 3mm thick otherwise the makeup brushes will not stand up well and the bulky weight of the brushes will pull down the sheet, resulting in bad shape of the roll.

Next, arrange your makeup brushes in any order you prefer, you can start laying your face makeup brushes first, then eye makeup brushes and follow it with lip makeup brushes. The arrangement totally depends on your preferences. Leave about 2 inches of gap from the right and left of the fallen sheet and place your makeup brushes in the center. This tip will help in easy rolling of your makeup brush storage roll. Also remember to arrange the make up the brushes with roughly about an inch gap between them, so that it will not be difficult in rolling them as they won’t be touching each other and become bulkier.

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Step 2:

Then, take a pencil and with a very light hand start marking each side of your makeup brush as shown in the image. Create small horizontal markings with the pencil at the top and bottom of each makeup brush. You would have to remember that the pencil mark should not be bigger than the width of the makeup brush itself. This way, when we will be making holes your makeup brushes will fit perfectly without wiggling or falling away from the roll. So, just make a mark, which will exactly match the size needed for each makeup brush.

Step 3:

Now, take a cutter and carefully create a slit on the pencil markings. Place the sheet over a board and gently press the cutter against the markings to pierce holes for inserting your makeup brushes.

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Step 4:

Then, start pushing your makeup brushes on top of the slit, and then push it inside the felt and bring it outwards in the lower bottom slit as shown in the image above. Follow it for all your makeup brushes and you are done with inserting your makeup brushes!

Step 5:

Now, twist the felt sheet in a cylindrical form and secure it with a contrasting ribbon or lace and create a bow knot.

Now you have your very own, super pretty makeup storage roll made without any glue or stitch!

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You needn’t worry about carrying your makeup brushes while traveling or organizing them often! All you need to remember is not keep wet brushes in your makeup storage roll as it might spoil the felt material.

Do you know any other makeup brush storage ideas? Share with us in the comments section below.

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