DIY Rainbow Ombre Tips! August 3, 2015

What a fun coloring your hair can be! The best thing about this ombre hair is that you can get these funky and vibrant colors on your mane temporarily with hair chalking or temporary spray colors. But what is ombre hair is what you need to know first, right? Ombre hair is concept of colouring your hair in different colours and basically go as crazy as you can!

Things you need for ombre hair colour look:

How To Dip Dye Hair Color:

Bleach Ends:

Use regular aluminum foil to wrap each strand, making sure the strand isn’t thicker than your pinky finger. For the color to saturate evenly through each strand it is essential that they are all the same width.

Brush the bleach on small sections (about one-inch sections) of hair and make sure you feather the tops of where the bleach will stop so that you don’t get a straight line .If you’re bleaching your hair, make sure to start past your chin, then blend the other colors gradually up from the bottom. There’s nothing worse than a harsh line of demarcation, so blend really well—you’re creating an ombré effect, not color-blocking.

Wash and blow Dry:

After you’ve lightened your color, wash, condition and blow dry your hair.

Go wild and color your hair:

Brush the assorted colors you chose on different sections of the blonde tips.

Wash it off:

Once you are done, carefully wash your ends and try not to let the colors bleed together. Now style your hair and you are all set to rock!

The sky’s the limit for color options, but as a rule of thumb blondes looks best in hues like pink, blue, and purple while brunettes take in red, purple, and green tones best. Red-heads can pull off more unusual shades like yellow, orange, and teal with much élan.

Chalk it up (Temporary way to create the rainbow ombre effect)

As you may know hair chalking has been around for a little while now and it’s a great way to temporarily add color to your locks.

  • Twist the hair as you chalk. The texture from twisting makes the chalk release more pigment.
  • Always brush the excess powder out after chalking each piece.

  • Try doing two colors on one strand! Really fun and looks tie-dyed!
  • Don’t chalk your hair too often. At the end of the day, you’re using powder pigment on the ends of your hair and that can suck up a lot of natural moisture the ends of your hair need. And here are a few more tips for colored hair.

Create this DIY rainbow ombre hair and make heads turn wherever you go!