DIY: Traveling Face Wash Just In 60 Seconds June 22, 2015

Are you an adventurous soul who gets bitten by the travel bug way too often? Does traveling to distant places always top your list of ‘must-do’ activities? On one hand, traveling brings a lot of joy and a sense of peace. It also means missing out on seemingly mundane things that are otherwise taken for granted. A lack of comfort does not mean giving up on your dreams of travelling around the world. If vacationing is something you love and need, you can always find alternatives for your necessities, just as I do! Sometimes, you may run out of your favorite face wash while travelling. With no shops selling your favorite brand, you would be left stranded. Isn’t it? Do not worry because you can now try this amazing DIY face wash! Here is a DIY face wash that is easy to make and even easier to carry!

Face washes are something that you generally cannot carry along as the bottles are mostly huge and not travel friendly. But then the alternative is to stay with an unclean face all through your vacation! Not a pretty picture, is it? If you are ever in a situation where you are not at your hotel or do not have access to your face wash, you can try the following:

How Time Consuming Is It?

Practically not even 60 seconds!

What Are We Going To Do?

Make a face wash! Something you can do anywhere, anytime! A few simple steps and you will be ready to pamper your face, no matter how remote your current location is!

    • Buy a powder milk sachet, which is available everywhere or else you can purchase a sachet beforehand and keep it in your essentials kit before stepping out for the journey.

    • Cut and open it.

    • If you happen to be in your hotel, you can call for a bowl and spoon. If not, you can mix it on your hand or any clean surface.

  • Scoop out the powder according to your need. I generally use 1 and a half spoon powder for washing my face alone. Adjust accordingly if you wish to wash your face and neck both.

  • Add a little amount of water. Keep the consistency to remain like that of a thick lotion/milk cream.

    • Mix well. You can do it with the spoon or your finger, depending on the availability.

    • You may use a thin consistency (like the one in the picture) if you have oily skin, and do not like moisture at all.

    • A thick consistency is preferable. So I have added a little more milk powder to thicken it up. This consistency is more efficient at cleaning my face compared to a runny milk consistency.

  • That wraps up the process! All you need to do now is apply this paste on your face, rub every corner, and wash off – a squeaky clean face is now all yours to flaunt!

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How Well Does This Face Wash Clean?

  • It takes off all the dirt and oil that tend to stick to your face while travelling.
  • It gives you a properly clean face without leaving you craving for soap.
  • It takes off most of the makeup from my face except the ones which are completely water proof.

The next time you plan a trip, ditch your humungous, leaky face-wash bottle and keep 3-4 small sachets of milk powder in your bag instead. Do share the secret with your travel companions as well; they will surely thank you for it!

Do you use special skin care products while traveling? Do try this DIY face wash and leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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