Does Castor Oil Actually Cure Constipation? April 30, 2015

Did you ever suffer from constipation? If yes, what did you do to get rid of it? If castor oil is what you had used to get rid of constipation, then you are a genius! Guess why? Because nothing else cures constipation as effectively as castor oil!

Do you want to know more about this wonder oil? Then this post is just for you!


Castor oil is extracted from the fruit of the Ricinus communis plant. Although the seeds of the plant have a highly toxic element called ricin, the distilled oil does not have any traces of it and is declared by the FDA to be safe and effective to use.

Various studies have been conducted in this field to ascertain the effectiveness of castor oil. In one such study, a group of patients suffering from constipation were studied closely for seven days at a stretch. Some of these patients were suffering from extreme symptoms from a decade.

It was seen that the consumption of castor oil brought immediate relief to everyone in the group. Within 4 to 6 hours of consumption, patients started feeling bowel movement, much to their surprise.

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Why Castor Oil Is Effective:

Castor oil is one of the most effective oils when it comes to treating common ailments. And here’s why!

It is found that 80% of castor oil is ricinoleic acid. Ricinoleic acid is a fatty acid that binds to the receptors located inside the muscle of the intestine.

Once attached, the acid triggers powerful contractions that in turn gear up the bowel movement.

These attached acids also stimulate the movement of the intestine that pushes the stool out of the body.

In this process, the need to strain is reduced considerably giving way to the pleasant feeling of complete evacuation after excreting.

How To Take Castor Oil For Constipation:

Castor oil is a must have item in your household if you or someone in your family often suffers from constipation. The oil can be used for relief in two different ways:

1. External Application:

This is one of the most effective ways to relieve a small child from an excruciating stomach pain. You can simply massage the oil on the stomach of the suffering child or soak a piece of cloth in the oil and apply to the affected area.

2. Internal Consumption:

In severe cases where external application is of no use, the oil can be consumed for relief. Since the oil has a mild unpleasant taste, it is advised to consume the oil along with some sweetener like carrot or orange juice.

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The dosage of castor oil for constipation should be strictly as per your doctor’s instructions. If the oil is bought from a retailer, you should follow the below-mentioned golden rules:

  • 1 tsp. or 4.92 millilitres for an adult
  • ½ tsp or 2.46 millilitres for a child


The oil is usually suggested to be consumed for 3 to 7 days. Depending upon the amount of relief, consumption of the oil should be gradually reduced.


Best time to consume the oil is in the morning, before having breakfast. Drinking the oil with some juice on an empty stomach is highly recommended for best results. Don’t take the oil at bedtime in the night as its effects start showing immediately after just 3 to 5 hours.

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Side Effects:

Regular usage of castor oil is never advisable. If you tend to feel constipated even after consuming castor oil every day, it tells that you are not attacking the exact cause of the problem and only dealing with the oil’s side effects.

Chronic use of castor oil may lead to fluid and electrolytic imbalance.

There is no doubt castor oil eases constipation. But like every other ingredient, even it has certain side effects. So use it in moderation.

Have you ever used castor oil for constipation? Share your experiences in the comments section!

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