Does Your Eye Shadow Go With Your Skin Type? June 9, 2015

Eyes are the gateway to the soul! Let yours speak louder and clearer! And eye shadows make that happen by adding depth and dimension. You can apply them on the eye lids as always or under the eyebrows to give your eyes seem more prominent. There are so many variants with some many brands in the market with different textures and finish to choose from. So here we give a preview into the variety so make the choice easier on you.

Different Eye shadow types based on skin:

Pressed Powder Eye shadows:

These are the most commonly used eye shadows for skin of different types. They give excellent coverage and can be used for sheer or intense looks. Available in vast spectrum of colours and are richly pigmented. To be very specific they can be again classified as ‘Matte’ and ‘Satin’finish but majority of them come in satin finish. They look great on dry & oily lids with decent staying power. The perfect choice for almost anyone!

Loose Powder Eye shadows:

This kind can be used as dry as well as wet! Finely milled and textured, these little pots of wonder are perfect when used with brushes, giving out nice and clean in the finish. You can however experience a little fall out. The option with lighter shades is amazing but finding the perfect dark shade is slightly difficult, available with frost, shimmery and metallic finish. Use it as a highlighter and the results are miraculous!

Cream Eye shadows:

This your kind of eye shadow if you have dry lids! This palette is super easy to apply and blend with a brush and fingers giving a frosty or dewy finish. They however are not suited for an intense look! Apply a mixture of one or two shades and your good to go. But don’t over do the mixing for it will leave a messy and creasy look, especially on oily skin. This type is capable of being both a boon and a bane depending on how it is handled!

Baked Eye shadows:

These eye shadows are in a form of hardened mould and are highly pigmented. Again, these can be used as both dry and wet. It gives a sheer to medium build up when used dry but gives a bold and intense colour if used wet. One can experiment a lot with these to create a variety of looks. These are the latest ones in the market. They come in vast spectrum of colours from neutrals to sheer to bold and darker shades. When used wet they give a very rich colour pay off on your eyes!

Loose Pigments:

Pigment is a highly concentrated loose colour powder that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin. These are finely milled pigments and very glittery. There’s not much difference between loose powder & loose pigments. They need to be used with care and expertise otherwise you can end up looking like a disco ball. You will experience some fall out when using these. Very less amount is needed for single application. These are mainly preferred for special occasions. Again, they can be used to give a sheer wash of colour or for a bold eye look. It can be applied in both ways – wet or dry.

All major cosmetic brands stock up these varieties of eye shadows. You can choose shades depending on your eye colour or skin type or your make-up preference.

Stick on eye shadows:

One of the latest inventions in eye shadow has been stick on eye shadows. Stick-on eye shadows are not made by many brands even though they are targeted towards amateurs there is a great doubt about the way they work and how effective they actually are. They come in sets, To use, you simply peel off the film apply it to the eye press and then remove the paper. It can further be blended if wanted.

  • Not available easily
  • Not compatible to all eye shapes
  • Comes in unique prints like leopard print
  • Can be blended and adjusted after application