Top 25 Dress Up Games For Girls

Top 25 Dress Up Games For Girls April 13, 2018

Dress up games are very popular among teenagers. While dress up games allow you to showcase your artistic creations and designs, you can also plan your occasions with the same. In these games, you can choose from various clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and many dress up things. These virtual games are the best way to get some creative fun online.

Here are the top 25 dress up games:

1. Shopaholic models:

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Shopaholic models is a fashion dress up game where you get to do shopping like a model. You are a character that is a supermodel and wants to show off her stardom. Feel as if you are in the modeling world with this dress-up game! You also have to balance your budget while you shop from the city’s boutiques to buy the hottest catwalk styles. You can also work in shifts at local businesses to get more cash for buying clothes. You can pick up some free bags of money on the sidewalk for a few extra coins. Get your supermodel career on the runway by completing the side challenges.

2. Business chic dress up:

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Business chic is a fashion dress up game to add a touch of Office Chic to your daily business. This lets you become an impressive businesswoman by spicing up your professional wardrobe. This business dress up game can give you a lot of ideas. Working with various outfits can be so much fun!

How to play the Business chic dress up game:

  • Select the buttons for the hints and view a catwalk of created outfits.
  • This will surely inspire you to do better.
  • Choose from any ten items and accessories for a perfect outfit for you.
  • When you’re done with creating your outfit, hit the done button and see your new look.
  • If you are not satisfied with your created look, go back and get a new makeover.

3. Blissful New Year Dress up:

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This fashion dress up game helps you to select your outfit for the New Year’s Eve and party. This New Year’s eve, you can look the best dressed at a party.

How to play the Blissful New Year dress up:

  • Browse through the given options to select the cutest hairstyle, the lovely shoes and the most gorgeous dress.
  • Complete your look with some stunning jewellery and accessories.
  • For the final touch, you can choose your star.
  • When you’re ready with the look that you created, click “show” to see your creative New Year’s Eve party makeover.

4. Sky breeze cool summer style:

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Sky breeze cool summer style is a couple dress up game. You get to select the couple of your choice and get them ready for a beach day!

How to play the Sky breeze cool summer style:

  • Choose a couple from the option
  • Select from the outfits and accessories to give them cool beach styles.

5. Fashion punk girl:

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Fashion punk girl is a theme and fashion dress up game. This game helps you to look stylish by not wearing the same outfit as everyone else. Fashion punk girl is a dress up game that has a punk girl character. Punk fashion is unique, fun, special and playful compared to the normal stuff. You can select from many trendy outfits for the punk princess.

6. Aqua fashion style:

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Aqua fashion style is a fashion dress up game. You have to dress up an aqua-loving ‘fashionista’ for a day by the sea!

How to play Aqua fashion style:

  • Click a dress-up tab from the bottom-left corner
  • Select any one of the three subcategories from the top of the book’s right page.
  • Check all the available options by clicking on the hearts from left to right.
  • Click on the image in the scrapbook frame to apply a selected dress-up option.
  • Once you’re done dressing the marine lover, click the flower icon to view your creativity.

7. Cute Goth princess dress up:

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Cute Goth princess dress up is a fashion game. The Goth princess character is out of control, and hates taking fashion advice from anyone else. She only loves to take advice from you.

How to play Cute Goth princess dress up:

  • Click on the dress-up tabs located at the top of the screen.
  • Take a look at all of the available options.
  • Click and drag the selected items onto the princess to apply them on her.
  • When you’re done dressing the princess, click the camera button on the right!

8. Fashion Street Snap dress up:

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Fashion Street Snap dress up is a fashion game. The character in this game loves to be prepared in order to show off.

How to play the Fashion Street Snap dress up:

  • Select from the clothing and accessory options.
  • Find the perfect dress up for this fashion-savvy starlet.
  • Prepare her for being camera-ready.
  • When you’re done, click show. This will give the offshoot of your creativity!

9. Festive New Year’s party:

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Festive New Year’s party is a fashion dress up game. Have fun getting dressed up for the New Year’s Eve party. Enjoy your last chance to get all dressed up this year. Get the best ideas for the big party, about your dress and makeup. You can also select the perfect haircut, outfit, shoes and jewellery to get the best look. Get ready for the ball and click done to see your fabulous creativity.

10. Gothic Lolita Dress up:

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The character in the Gothic Lolita dress up game is a giddy girl who is throwing a Gothic gathering in her ballroom. She wants to change into a gown.

How to play the Gothic Lolita dress up game:

  • Click the clothing items and drag them onto the Gothic Lolita.
  • See which look suits her most

11. Makeover designer:

Image: source

Makeover designer is a fashion dress up game. You can select a new face, design a new dress, and dress up the selected girl, boy or cat model. This is a fun virtual makeover game!

How to play Makeover designer:

  • For the dress up, use your mouse to choose clothes from the drawer and put on the models.
  • For the face make over, you have to pick a face and hairstyle.
  • Design: You can also create your own clothes and showcase your creative patterns.
  • Print: Save, print and show your creation to others.

12. Purple fashion dress up:

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Purple fashion dress up is a fun game for teenagers. Purple is the color in vogue and the best shade for your next shopping plan. Purple is the season’s color and hence, it’s time to dress accordingly. In this virtual dress-up game you can use 12 items of dress and accessories to finish the perfect purple outfit. Select your jacket, shoes, purse, jewellery, dress and even tights to suit your fall look. Click show when you are done to see your final creation.

13. Top model show dress up:

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The Top model show dress up is the best fashion dress up game that allows you to show your creativity at a fashion show. You have to prepare top models for the catwalk in a fashion show.

How to play Top model show dress up:

  • Click on the dress-up options to select 3 beauties for the catwalk.
  • Keep looking at the meter on the left to use all the categories.

14. Vintage school girl dress up:

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Vintage school girl dress up is a fun back-to-school game. This game allows you to dress up in the coolest look. You can select from the 1920s flapper girl to the 1980s valley girl look!

How to play Vintage school girl dress up:

  • Select and drag the clothes and accessories on the girl.
  • You can also earn tips with great ensembles.

15. Fashion model: Show myself:

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In this virtual game, you have to make the model stand out for the runway look.

How to play Fashion model: show myself:

  • Select the categories
  • Click on them
  • Select the items to see them on your model.
  • Click show, when you’re ready to see her dazzling on the runway!

16. Go-see dress up:

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Go-see dress up is a fashion dress up game. You have to dress up your model with the perfect outfit to create her best impression on the designer.

How to play Go-see dress up:

  • Choose from a variety of dresses.
  • Drag the clothing and accessories on the model.
  • Dress her to look stunning.

17. Outfit frenzy dress up:

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This fashion dress up game lets you create a bride, debutante, princess, tomboy, hipster or a geeky beauty!

How to play outfit frenzy dress up:

  • Select from the available clothes and accessories.
  • Drag the clothes and accessories on the girl.

18. Shirley’s XL closet:

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Shirley’s XL closet is a fun fashion dress up game that is especially designed to enhance the beauty of plus-size divas. This game is for real women who have curves. You have to make the curvy cutie ready for a night out.

How to play Shirley’s XL closet:

  • Use the tabs and arrows to choose from the clothes and accessories.
  • Give her dress up some detail to make her look perfect.

19. Shopping friends dress up:

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You have to add glitter and glamour for the shopaholic girls in the Shopping friends dress up game.

How to play shopping friends dress up:

  • Select a girl
  • Select the appropriate clothing and accessory tabs
  • Design her with a signature style.
  • Click “done” when you are ready with your creativity.

20. Kiss under starry sky dress up:

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The Kiss under starry sky dress up is a couple dress up game. You have to dress up the couples in style.

How to play Kiss under starry sky dress up:

  • Select from the hair, make-up and accessory options
  • Find the perfect matching outfit
  • When you’re done, click “show” and watch the romance between the couple.

21. Starfire dress up:

Starfire dress up is a fun dress up game. The character Starfire is an alien princess from Teen Titans. She is too friendly, but sometimes gets a bad temper. She doesn’t know about the culture on the earth. Hence, you have to dress her up like a girl on earth to help her understand.

22. Sleepy student dress up:

In this game, the character Sarah is falling asleep in class. She stays up all night and watches anime and plays video games. You have to dress her up for a class nap.

23. Proposal dress up:

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Proposal dress up is a couple dress up game. This game lets you plan your fairytale proposal and dress up for it.

How to play Proposal dress up:

  • Click on the categories
  • Scroll to see the varieties
  • Select the desired options for the romantic scene.

24. Twin baby boy and girl:

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Twin baby boy and girl is a couple dress up game. Two twins can be a lot of fashion trouble!

How to play Twin baby boy and girl:

  • Click a dress-up option
  • Apply the option to a twin.
  • Dress up the baby girl first
  • Click the boy tab and give him a bubbly look.
  • When both the twins are ready, click the “show” button.

25. Bollywood dress up:

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Bollywood dress up is a culture dress up game about Bollywood. You have to make the Bollywood beauty ready to sizzle on the red carpet!

How to play Bollywood dress up:

  • Browse from the different categories at the top of the screen.
  • See all the varieties of clothing and accessories.
  • Drag the selected clothes and accessories onto the girl.
  • Click on the camera icon to take a picture.
  • Select the two arrows for a random outfit.
  • You can select the clothing hanger to clear everything.
  • To change the background, you can click the landscape icon at the bottom of the screen.

With so many fabulous and fun dress up games, we are sure you’ll soon be tempted to try out some virtual fun on your fingertips. Happy gaming!

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