Lemon Juice for Weight Loss Does it Help? Yes! Right! Drink your way to weight loss with Lemon! 

Just add lemon juice to lukewarm water and get going. Professional nutritionists claim that drinking lemon water induces weight loss. It also helps regulate metabolism and sugar absorption in the body, thereby helping you lose extra weight.

Additionally, lemon water also flushes out some of the toxins in your body, promotes quick rush of energy and even eliminates some of your body’s internal waste.

Lemon Juice for Weight Loss

Consuming lemon water has proven results in terms of weight loss because the mixture of lemon and water is made up of natural ingredients. There are no additives or preservatives or any kind of processed elements; thus making this combination the healthiest for your body.

Drinking lemon water in the morning helps your body in natural cleansing and detoxifying process, therefore the more lemon water you consume the more you speed up with the weight loss.

Advantages of Drinking Lemon Water – How Lemon Juice for Weight Loss Helps?

Does not add to your calories:

Since lemon water is natural, it does not add to your calories each time you drink it. How about replacing whatever you like drinking on a daily basis with lemon water? Wouldn’t that be great? Any other drink would definitely add to your calories but not the lemon water.


Our colon is venerable to lingering waste which can build up and give rise to the risk of colon cancer over time. When residue of waste lingers in the colon, it adds weight to our body.  Here lemon water comes to our rescue in colon cleansing.

Additionally, drinking lemon water regularly helps to cleans our bowels. This results in losing weight. Consumption of lemon water promotes fluid bowel function, thus helping our digestive system by decreasing the probability of diarrhea and constipation.

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Decreases Hunger:

Lemon contains pectin fiber which has the effect of reducing hunger pangs. If in the past, you have tried to battle hunger cravings by consuming drinks like coffee or tea, try lemon water hereafter. And the best thing as I said before, you don’t have to worry about the calories because lemon water has zero calories unlike other drinks.

Other benefits apart from uses of lemon juice for weight loss

  • The high content of vitamin C in lemon helps fight cold, chest infections and relieves pesky coughs.
  • The vitamin C in lemon also reduces blemishes and wrinkles. Mix it with fuller’s earth, commonly known as multani mitti and apply to face.  Scars can be reduced when lemon is directly applied to them.  The Vitamin C in lemon also adds glow to skin, so consume it daily.
  • Potassium in lemon promotes brain and nerve function, and helps control blood pressure.

So isn’t nimbu pani great! 


Do not add sugar to your lemon water; this will defeat the whole purpose of losing weight.  You may add a teaspoon of honey if you wish. Honey has many health benefits too.

I hope you find this post helpful. Do come back for more tips on health and weight loss.

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Eat healthy stay healthy!


Gracy D’souza

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      Hi Priya…it is not true. Lemon and honey both contain antibacterial, antioxidant properties which boost the immune system. Combination of lemon water with honey is effective in reducing weight very fast. Add half lemon juice and 2 spoons of honey in one glass of warm water. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before going to bed. This will aid in weight loss.

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  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi Kumar, despite differences in size, flavor and color, lemons and limes share the same nutritional benefits. Both are low in calories and are good sources of dietary fiber, and they help you meet your daily needs for vitamins C and B-9. But higher vitamin C content is found in lemons, which make lemons a slightly better option than a lime.