Why Should You Drink Lemon Water In The Morning? August 8, 2016

If the first thing you do every morning is anything other than drinking lemon water, then you got to change the habit right away! This is because of the amazing properties lemon water has! Whether it is detoxifying your body or feeling energetic, lemon water has got all of it!

Want to know how else lemon water can benefit you? Relax and read on!

Why Lemons In Particular?

When we hear about the benefits of drinking lemon water, it is obvious to feel inquisitive why one should have lemon water in particular and why not the juice of some other fruit. Well, lemons are quite popular for being rich in Vitamin C, and apart from that, these contain Vitamin B complex, minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and also a great amount of fibers. In fact, the amount of minerals in it make it important that one should dilute lemon juice with water as drinking it undiluted could harm the enamel of the teeth. So, make sure you drink ‘lemon water’ and not ‘lemon juice’! Alongside, lemons have excellent antibacterial, anti-viral and immunity-boosting properties, due to which these promote the overall well-being of an individual.

1. Has Diuretic Properties: 

The consumption of lemon water increases the amount of urine that an individual passes; thus helping in flushing out the toxins that get accumulated inside. This keeps the urinary tract clean and healthy and also boosts the functioning of the enzymes. This property of lemon water makes it a wonderful detoxification agent.

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2. Assists In Digestion:

The atomic composition of lemon juice is similar to that of the digestive juices in our gastrointestinal tract and that of the saliva. Hence, it helps in breaking down of the food into simpler substances and also encourages the production of bile juice which assists in the digestion process. Simultaneously, the digestive properties of lemon aid in avoiding troubles like bloating, heartburn and belching. Hence, if you have been feeling acidic and bloated of late, try lemon water to soothe the sensation instead of consuming any over-the-counter antacids.

3. Balances pH Levels:

Though acidic in nature, lemon juice has alkaline effect when it reaches inside the body and thus helps in the metabolic activity that occurs inside it. Hence, drinking lemon water on a regular basis can help people beat the acidity problems that they might have.

4. Increases Immunity:

The high vitamin C content in lemon juice makes it an ideal food for boosting the immunity of an individual. It helps one fight colds and being rich in potassium, boosts the functioning of brain and nerve cells. At the same time, the consumption of vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron in the body that comes into it from other foods.

5. Makes Skin Blemish-free:

Shun all those cosmetic anti-aging solutions that you have been trying to make your skin look young and grab a glass of lemon water every morning! The Vitamin C content in lemon juice makes it a wonderful antioxidant due to which it helps in the removal of wrinkles and blemishes from the skin and hence, combats the signs of aging. It also helps in overcoming the radical damage on the skin and makes the skin healthy and glowing. The consumption of lemon water regularly can make one’s skin healthy and rejuvenated from the inside in an easy manner.

6. Helps In Healing:

In case of wounds and injuries, consuming lemon water helps in the boosting of the healing process as it has a lot of vitamin C in it. At the same time, it helps in the strengthening of the bones, cartilages and connective tissues in the body and helps soothe the inflammation in the body joints and muscles.

7. Energizes The Body:

Drinking lemon water in the morning charges up an individual such that one gets prepared for a whole day of activity. This is because of the negatively charged ions in it that produce energy on reaching the digestive tract. At the same time, lemon water acts as a mood enhancer by making one feel light and healthy each morning. This helps one combat issues like depression and stress that seem to be a part and parcel of the modern-day lifestyle.

8. Hydration Of Lymph System:

The fluids lost by the body during the daily activity are restored by the consumption of lemon water regularly. Thus, whenever one feels dehydrated or low on energy, drinking lemon water should be the first step to heal the situation.

9. Breath Freshener:

Lemon water, when consumed after brushing the teeth, can help in the prevention of troubles like gingivitis and tooth pain. Also, it helps in preventing bad breath.

10. Assists In Weight Loss:

The pectin fiber in lemons helps fight the hunger pangs that one feels. Resultantly, one ends up feeling hungry less often and thus avoids munching on unhealthy snacks at the wrong times. Also, drinking lemon water helps in proper digestion and in flushing out the toxins, all of which contribute towards weight loss.

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How To Prepare Lemon Water In The Morning:

The vast benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning are sufficient to boost your confidence in the effects of this practice and thus, now there should be nothing holding you back from preparing a glass of lemon water the first thing when you wake up tomorrow! Here’s how you prepare it:


  • Purified water, lukewarm- 1 glass
  • Fresh Lemon- ½


Take lukewarm water, not cold or not very hot, and squeeze half a lemon into it. Mix and consume this lemon water first thing in the morning, before you consume anything or have done your workout.
Consuming lemon water in the morning everyday can help you achieve a state of good health and keep your body free from antibodies very easily. Hence, why wait any longer! Start taking your dose of good health from today itself with lemon water!

Do you have a habit of drinking lemon water in the morning? Do you know of any other benefits of lemon water? Share with us by commenting in the box below!

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