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You have pretty much mastered the art of French braiding (French braid pictorial), but have you heard of Dutch braids (hair braids) and ever tried to create them? Both the hairstyles are similar but just slightly different. Think of it like French braids being “over” each braid and Dutch braids being “under” each braid. Which means instead of passing the sections from ‘Over’ the middle section we have to pass the sections from ‘Under’ the middle section.  It’s like you are reverse braiding. Not only that, for this hairstyle you can braid the side strands of hair behind the middle section of hair, instead on the crown as with the French style.

So if you’re scratching your head at what all this means, then check out this simple step-by-step tutorial. Once done, you can easily go all Dutch and can wear this bohemian-style braids to any casual outing, garden weddings, or even at a formal event to achieve a more dressed up feel.

So read below for our guide in creating the perfect dutch braid, every time.

Dutch Braid Tutorial Step by Step

1. First prep your hair with a paddle brush and Aussie Aussome Volume Hair Spray to get the soft and manageable bombshell look. Once done, directionally blow your hair off the face and if required spray it down with Garnier Fructis Style Volumizing Anti Humidity Hairspray. Now, pull a section of hair from the crown area.

2. Next, divide that section of hair into three equal parts and start braiding a regular braid. Let’s name the sections  L ( Left), M ( Middle) and R (Right).

3. From the outer edge of the bottom strand, take a small section and from underneath the bottom strand add it to the top strand. For secured Dutch braid proceed till 2 cycles.

4. From the 3rd cycle, pull a section of hair from right end.

5. Combine this pulled section with R and braid. While braiding, pass the R section to L by going under the middle section.

6. Now, pick a section from the left end.

7. For the next step, combine M with the L section and braid by passing the L from under the M.

8. Keep repeating this step by adding sections every time you braid till you reach the neck. Once done, spray your braids with a hairspray. We recommend shine booster, Tigi S-factor Vivacious Hair Spray

Full view of the pretty Dutch braid hairstyle…

dutch braid

I hope you are able to try this dutch braid hairstyle.

Tip: For a more playful look, if you want you can give the hairstyle a messy look.  Just pull on the braid a bit to loosen it and wear this hairstyle to one side and update your messy hairdo. Otherwise, you can leave it as it is.

Also, it is completely fine if there’s a bump or a knot, just let it be. You can also do a couple of different hairstyles from this dutch braid and wrap it into an updo or even a top knot and add a fancy embellished headpiece to make it perfect for a bridesmaid or even garden wedding.

We will cover Fishtail braid in the next article. Till then keep practicing…

Take Care…

So, how classy and easy are these simple dutch braids? Tempting aren’t they? If you are a beginner, then the style may take a lot of time to create, but once perfected it is very easy to do and besides, the braids are definitely worth trying. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! We value readers’ feedback.

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