Simple Dutch Braid Tutorial: Step By Step Picture Guide

dutch braid hairstyles Hope you liked my French braid pictorial. If French is ‘Over’ then Dutch is ‘Under’. Meaning that the procedure to dutch hair braids is exactly similar to french braids, the only difference being that instead of passing the sections from ‘Over’ the middle section we have to pass the sections from ‘Under’ the middle section.  It’s like you are reverse braiding.

So read below to know how to do Dutch braid hairstyles:

Dutch Braid Tutorial Step by Step

1. Pull a section of hair from the crown area.

2. Divide into 3 sections and start braiding a regular braid. Let’s name the sections  L ( Left), M ( Middle) and R (Right).

3. For secured Dutch braid proceed till 2 cycles

4. From the 3rd cycle, pull a section of hair from right end.

5. Combine this pulled section with R and braid. While braiding, pass the R section to L by going UNDER the middle section.

6. Now, pick a section from left end.

7. Combine with the L section and braid by passing the L from UNDER the M.

8. Keep adding the sections every time you braid till you reach the neck.

Full view of the Dutch braid hairstyle…

dutch braid

I hope you are able to try this dutch braid hairstyle.

We will cover Fishtail braid in the next article. Till then keep practicing…

Take Care…

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