13 Easy Tips To Shape Your Eyebrows January 31, 2017

Hair removal is an important process when it comes to self grooming. Excessive unwanted hair, especially the ones on the face, has always been an issue with women. Eyebrows, upper lip, side locks, etc., are some of the areas that are under scrutiny all the time. Since most women love playing up their eyes, eyebrows naturally get their fair share of attention. It’s no wonder that there is so much fuss surrounding the eyebrows. But worry not, here is an article with the best eyebrow shaping tips for women because we know, eyebrows can make or break a look!

Eyebrow Shaping Tips:

Keep in mind that over tweezing/threading is one of the biggest problems when it comes to eyebrows. It’s important to know what suits you the best. Thickness of the hair and the time between hair removal sessions varies from person to person. But these basic tips will help you get the perfect eyebrow shape:

1. Know What You Want:

All eyebrow shapes don’t suit all face shapes. Talk to your stylist and understand what suits you the best.

2. Try It On:

If you are aiming for a thicker eyebrow, and that requires growing it out, then use eyebrow pencils and get an idea about how it might look like.

3. Choose Your Method:

Waxing, tweezing, and threading are used for eyebrow shaping. Waxing gives a clean effect, but there is always the fear of over plucking. Tweezing is time consuming but gives you the maximum control over your brows. Threading is generally preferred as it gives precision. Talk to your stylist and select your method.

4. Brush Upwards:

This is one of the best tips to get good eyebrows. Brushing them upwards helps you notice longer hair strands. By trimming them, you can start off by deciding the thickness, shape and more.

5. Remove Excess Hair:

Most times, the hair in the space between the brows, the hair that grows near the temple region contributes to the eyebrows looking uneven. Check if that is the problem with your brows by removing the excess hair.

6. Arch Limits:

Too much or too little arching that strays away from your regular, natural shape will make you look plastic. So, always stay within your arch limits.

7. Double Check Open Spaces:

It’s important to thoroughly check the bottom portion of the brow. This is where the arching matters.

8. Reflection:

To know whether the eyebrows are symmetrical or not, check for the arch points. They should be at the same line.

9. Use Regular Mirrors In Well Lit Rooms:

Using magnifying glasses gives the illusion of more hair and leads to over plucking. Stick with regular mirrors and examine your eyebrows in good lighting.

10. Shower Before Threading Sessions:

Take a shower or wash your face with warm water before you shape your brows. Warmth will ease the hair follicles and the skin will relax, leading to lesser pain during the process.

11. Numbing Gels:

If your skin is sensitive and your pain threshold is low, apply numbing gels before the eyebrow shaping session. They are easily available in drug stores. Avoid eyebrow shaping during and around your periods as our skin tends to be most sensitive during this point.

12. Try Eyebrow Pencils:

Don’t shy away from using cosmetics if your eyebrows are sparse or over-plucked. There is a variety of eyebrow pencils available in the market, and you can learn to do your own eyebrows by watching makeup tutorials online.

13. Finish With Powder:

Finish with powder if you decide to use an eyebrow pencil. The powder will soak up any excessive oils, and will also help keep the eyebrows looking natural and fresh.

These are our tips on eyebrow shaping for polished and well maintained eyebrows. What are yours? Shoot your comment and let us know.

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