5 Easy Ways To Use Talcum Powder For Makeup

5 Easy Ways To Use Talcum Powder For Makeup November 1, 2017

Whether it is for a wedding, college, an office event or a beach party, you need to carry a few multi-purpose makeup products. Just think of using a blush as a bronzer or layered as an eyeshadow; a BB cream, which will moisturize and also provide you with a natural coverage; and a lipstick, which doubles up as a blush alongside providing good color to your lips. Sounds interesting? Don’t all these tricks seem a real smart way to use these products?

5 Ways To Use Talcum Powder For Makeup:

Today, we have a makeup lesson that will tell you how to use a simple talcum powder in 5 unique ways apart from just using it for your body!

1. Make Your Lipstick Matte:

Wondering how a talcum powder can tone down a glossy lipstick? Yes, it can! Apply your favorite lipstick with a lip brush or directly from the lipstick tube all over your lips. Then take a small flat brush, or you can even use your ring finger and take some talcum powder. Now, all you have to do is to simply print this powder all over your lips. Create stamping and dabbing motions to press it uniformly on your lip area and get gorgeous lip color in a rich matte finish!

Tip: Do not layer your talcum powder too much as it might impart an uneven and blotchy finish to your lips.

2. Make Your Lipstick Last Longer:

Worried about that your favorite lipstick started wearing off even before a wedding, party or an event has begun? Wish to seal it in place? Then, you are absolutely going to love this trick.

Start by applying a layer of your favorite lipstick. Then, take a clean tissue paper and place it over your lips as shown in the image. Now, take a brush loaded with some talcum powder and dab it all over your lips. Again, apply another coat of lipstick. Now you have your perfect lipstick sealed intact in place for hours! This simple trick will amazingly increase the wear time of your lipstick.

3. Fuller And Thicker Eyelashes:

Not comfortable wearing false eyelash extensions? Then, this simple trick will surely give you that added oomph you are looking for your eyelashes. Pull out your favorite eyelash curler and start curling your lashes. Then, take some talcum powder on a clean cotton swab and coat your eye lashes. Follow it with two to three coats of mascara and there to have thicker and voluminous eye lashes! The dry formula of the talcum powder separates every single eye lash, giving you a fuller lash effect instantly!

4. Catch Fall Outs:

Eye shadow fall outs on your cheeks can be really frustrating, isn’t it? After applying a gorgeous eye makeup, when you take a last look at the mirror, you are sure to look good, but often notice eye shadow specks all over your cheeks, happily glaring at you! And when you try to remove them, it just makes things worse. It starts smudging, creasing and results in a huge mess! It often happens at the time when you’re already running late!

The classic trick, which almost all makeup artists have been using for years is to apply lots of powder under the eye area. The eye shadow fall outs will fall directly on the talcum powder, and can be easily removed with a powder brush once the eye makeup is completed. But, always remember to remove the excess powder completely before concealing your eye area as if it is not cleaned up properly. It can settle down into the fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Long-lasting Eye Makeup:

Whether you like doing intense smoky eye makeup or you are an eyeliner girl, smudging and creasing will definitely make your eye makeup fall flat! A simple trick of applying a thin coat of talcum powder prior to the application of kajal or liner can prevent shine and oiliness around the eye area. You will notice that your eye makeup lasts longer!

This is our compilation of the 5 different ways to use a simple talcum powder!

Multipurpose makeup products are not only good for your pocket, but definitely also save a lot of space! Now you can easily look your best without a plethora of products! Give these tricks a try for sure!

Which is your favorite tip? Let us know in the comments section below.

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