Edgy Medium Length Hair Styles

Whilst we all love to stick to our comfort zones and stay in tried and tested hairstyles, experimenting once in a while will help us understand better what suits us. Medium length hair is super versatile for any hair style and also stays put without much heat.

Here I am listing some of the super medium length edgy hairstyles 2012. Try them if you can handle the impact ;)

Edgy medium length hairstyles:

1. Edgy bangs

critique haircut

These bangs are sharp and cut to the tip. They don’t blend in but stand out.

2. Blunt Haircut

blunt haircut

This is for the daring ones. Try the steep bangs and let a blanket of hair cover your cheeks. Shorter the blanket, higher the edgy factor ;)

3. Vintage look

vintage haircut

This careless yet sassy look isn’t all that careless. Try this vintage vibe if you want to make a statement.

4. Sleek Bangs

brianna haircut

These bangs are dangerously steep and long and extend the beyond the regular length. Let them frame your face. Try adding in streaks for extra oomph.

5. High lights

como objeto inteligente

Several contrast colored high lights add in more fashion quotient to your hair. They are versatile as you can pin the bangs or let them stay random.

6. Straight Pony

cute high ponytails

This sleek pony pulled away from face oozes confidence. Put your best face forward with this edgy hairstyle.

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7. Streaked hair


This looks perfect as the gradient of color fades as it goes south. Add in extra colors and ask for an ombre effect.

8. Edgy bob

edgy bob

An edgy bob brings out a fierce personality and shows that you are crazy confident of yourself. To rock this look, you have to have poker straight hair.

9. Short Bob

short curly hairstyles for women

Shorter hair requires an aura of self confidence. Rock this look with maximum of it, Curl it a little to add waves and look sassy.

10. Fierce Bob

short edgy haircuts

This bob haircut has a lot of sharp cuts like bangs and ends abruptly with random highlights. It’s great for short as well as medium hair.

11. Ruffled hair

open hair

This is the flirty yet super edgy style. The ruffles are sure to bring you attention. A lot of it ;)

12. Black and White Streaks

on the rocks

Platinum highlights have a way of making you look like you mean business. They are perfect for formal look. The black and white combination is sure to turn heads ;)

13. Back blunt

short hair

This is a soft edgy look and works perfectly for beginners. Rock this look if you are just starting with edgy hair styles.

14. Purple Streaks

purple streaks

These streaks are so much fun and so much braver. Add in a lot of color to make them stand out. Full marks if you opt for two contrast colors.

15. The rebel

the rebel

This combines a blunt cut with bob and razor sharp layers. It’s a pretty high maintenance style and requires care.

16. Graduated Bob

bob hair cut

This is one of the most pretty edgy celebrity hairstyle out there. Go Beckham all the way for a classy and sassy style ;)

Which one are you of these edgy haircuts for medium length hair? Shoot a comment and let me know!

PS: All images have been taken from Pinterest.com

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