Medium length hair can have some edgy and funky variations. From an edgy bob to a funky ponytail, to a sassy braid, every hairdo has an edgy version. You just need to put on your thinking hat and try-out the myriad of styles. There is so much to experiment with; bangs, layers and so much more.

Here are 50 Edgy Medium Length Hairstyles for you to try:

1. Round Bob with Edgy Bangs:

Round Bob with Edgy Bangs

Image: Getty

This hairdo has a round bob teamed with fine edgy fringe which almost covers the forehead. The round bob gives shape to the face and head making the style look chic and classy.

2. Blunt Bob with Edgy Fringes:

Blunt Bob with Edgy Fringes

Image: Getty

Here comes one of the most popular edgy haircuts for medium length hair that is extremely chic and stylish. The bowed out fringes brings the extra edge to the simple blunt bob.

3. Vintage Look:

Vintage Look

Image: Getty

Dita Von Teese is the most well known persona of our times who can carry of the retro vintage look in contemporary style.

4. Sleek Bangs:

Sleek Bangs

Image: Getty

Dress up the simple bob with sleek crisp bangs. The bangs give a distinct chic style to the ordinary medium length bob.

5. Layered Bangs:

Layered Bangs

Image: Getty

Try wearing this edgy medium hairstyle with layered bangs for a night out. Get a fine layer cut for the medium length bob. The hairdo gives appears elegant with gentle layered waves contouring the face.

6. Wavy Medium Length Pony with a Puff:

Wavy Medium Length Pony with a Puff

Image: Getty

The wavy ponytail with a puff in the front is sexy and chic. The puff is secured with hairpins while the rest of the hair is gathered into a medium base ponytail. The hairdo is definitely stylish.

7. Streaked Hair:

Streaked Hair

Image: Getty

The streaked ends of this edgy side part hairdo give a frivolous shade to the whole hairdo. The hairstyle is sleek and sober.

8. Edgy Blunt Bob:

Edgy Blunt Bob

Image: Getty

The subtly curly ombre bob is stylish and chic with uneven edges and curly tresses. The finely layered wavy bangs contour the face making it look delicate.

9. Short Bob with Curly Edges:

Short Bob with Curly Edges

Image: Getty

The hairdo involves tucking away one section of the hair with pins on one side and leaving the other side open. The swept away bangs on one side give the hairdo a vintage effect.

10. Red Tousled Curled Edges:

Red Tousled Curled Edges

Image: Getty

Lindsay Lohan wears the tousled curled edges dyed red with sheer elegance and glamour. The neatly swept away bangs and the tousled layers combine to give a first class hairdo.

11. Ruffled Ponytail:

Ruffled Ponytail

Image: Getty

This ruffled ponytail is braided loosely and secured with a rubber band. The thick side swept bang gives an edgy detail to the hairdo. Overall the hairstyle is cool and smart.

12. Top Knot Big Bun with Fringes:

Top Knot Big Bun with Fringes

Image: Getty

The top knot big bun with fringes is one of the most popular edgy medium length hairstyles these days. The long fringes are a great combination with the big top knot bun. The bun is decorated with mini braids.

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